To celebrate 40 years of Highway To Hell, AC/DC have shared the album’s original cover art on Instagram, revealing that the image was rejected by Atlantic Records in favour of the cover we know today. 

“The original Highway To Hell cover was “shot down in flames” by the American record company,” the band said in an Instagram post. Check out the original image above.

AC/DC have been active on social media while celebrating the 40th anniversary of Highway To Hell, which was released on July 27th, 1979, sharing rare versions of Highway To Hell and The Jack performed on Dutch TV. 

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  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Season ticket on a one-way ride…..great cover.

  • MikeyMan on

    Well… We’re Waiting!

    Just give us dogs a bone!!

    Blu-Ray concert? New album? Compilation/tribute CD with a couple new tracks? Residency or Tour?

  • Doug R. on

    This photo of the original cover is in the booklet in the 2003 re-released version of the Highway To Hell CD. I know because after my first copy of the HTH CD got destroyed by beer, I had to buy another one, which was the 2003 re-released copy, with this photo (not on the cover) but on the inside on the back of the booklet.

  • RandyK on

    I can’t figure out why the record company would reject it. Same picture, just with flames and a guitar neck/highway.

    • Taskerofpuppets on

      Fear of Satanic imagery on the masses.

  • Tyger of Pan Tang on

    In the late 80s I bought a box set of the Australian editions of all the Scott albums, and this was included. The cover for Dirty Deeds was really wild, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been re-issued.

    After buying those albums, I didn’t need to get ’74 Jailbreak, which was good because I didn’t have a dime to save my life.

    The one track those albums had that still hasn’t been released in North America is their cover version of Chuck Berry’s “School Days”.

    • elliot goldberg on

      it’s on the bonfire box set.

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