Earlier this week, AC/DC broke their social media silence to mark the 40th anniversary of their Highway To Hell album.

The band shared a short video graphic asking fans to help them celebrate the milestone over the course of the next month.

Now the band have uploaded a rare live video from July 13th, 1979, showing them performing the title track on Dutch television show Countdown.

The clip previously appeared on AC/DC’s Plug Me In DVD box set, which was released in 2007. Watch it, below.

The future of AC/DC has been the focus of much speculation over the last 12 months However, it does appear that things have been going on behind the scenes.

In August 2018, Brian Johnson and estranged AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd were spotted outside Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios where the band have recorded several albums in the past.

They were then photographed with longterm engineer Mike Fraser at the same location, with Fraser later confirming the band have been back in the studio “doing something.”

And, in January, Johnson appeared to confirm he was back in the band after his well-documented hearing problems, when he’s reported to have told Los Angeles outfit Terrorizer that he had been “sick of denying it.”

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    1. “Awesome” is a matter of opinion-LOL!

      My ex (who passed) wore them, back in the early 90s, to the beach, as his swimming trunks. For some reason, at the time, I did not mind them on him, but he also had long dirty blonde hair that went along with “the look.” Perhaps, if I saw it now, I would change my mind. But, I definitely thought it looked silly on that announcer.

    1. That may be my favorite AC/DC album, although Powerage is up there, too, it’s like Leppard’s High N’ Dry and Pyromania For the Brian years, Back In Black was a very strong debut for him.

  1. Still waiting for the Blu-Ray of the 2015 concert at Wrigley Field.
    I attended that show. Much was made about the permits obtained for the helicopters that filmed overhead shots. I saw microphone’s hanging from the grandstands to record crowd noise. The band took pauses between every song, which I assume was for editing. The newspapers even said the concert was to be filmed for future video release. Great show, I want to see it again!

    Maybe Eddie can elaborate on any info about this.

    1. Maybe last year’s “doing something” at the Vancouver studio was commentary and/or interviews for the Live at Wrigley Field film?

  2. I was in the 8th grade in middle school the first time I heard this song. I was blown away by Bon Scott’s voice. One of my classmates brought it to school. He had an 8 track player. I had never heard anything like this.

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