I woke up today to see the latest rock war of words with Paul Stanley firing back at Dee Snider over comments he made about the current Kiss on my podcast. What’s interesting about this is that Dee did this interview with me a few months ago, but I guess Paul just got around to hear about it and made sure to address it on Jericho’s podcast. Paul talks to Jericho, he does not speak with me, so I guess he felt that was the best way to fire back. The shelf life of podcasts is pretty amazing and this proves it. Since they are archived you never know when one will be heard and make news all over again. I agree with Dee’s comments and also don’t blame Paul for firing back. Both of these guys have been outspoken in their own way and I’ve always been a fan of people speaking their mind if I agree or not. Of course my name is in much of the news surrounding this in a few different ways even though I wasn’t the one that made the comments, but I’m used to that by now haha! I appreciate everyone listening to my podcasts. Truly amazing how popular they have become so quickly around the world. New every Thursday and tomorrows guest is Phil Collen of Def Leppard, next week Klaus Meine of Scorpions. Many more cool ones to come!

Headed to Vegas tomorrow. Have a couple meetings and then watching football and catching the Mayweather fight. Then from there I go to SF to do some interview for the upcoming Y&T documentary. I am on the road fairly non stop the next couple months so follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for updates and I will post here when I can. My FM syndicated show this weekend features an all new exclusive interview from Germany with Klaus from Scorpions! This Monday’s SiriusXM show is recorded. Back live 9/21 with Geoff Tate among the guests.

The Food Truck Rock Carnival is coming to NJ 9/19 & 20. Huge lineup! My ticket winners from this site will be notified very soon. Feel free to enter right up until showtime for last minute free tickets. I don’t know my schedule yet as to specific things I’ll be doing but will be there both Saturday and Sunday night. Other upcoming appearances include San Jose for Music For Heroes 9/26, and Ramona CA at Ramona Main Stage 10/2, Huntington Beach CA at Fuzion 10/3. Ramona & Fuzion will be my speaking / Q&A show. Tickets and VIP Meet & Greet tix on sale now. Hope to see you, all appearances as they come in on the home page.

Finally I have no update on a new season of TMS yet. When I do I will share. Thanks and enjoy the replays until then.

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  • Freddy Smith on

    Dee Snider goes on Eddie Trunks Podcast and knocks Kiss for “dressing up the new guys in the old guys outfits” and Eddie makes no mention to Dee Sider that he did the same exact thing with the Love is For Suckers album. Dee recorded that album with a different band and released it as a Twisted Sister album. He even went as far as having a picture of the band on the album as if they even played on it. And yet Dee has the balls to say that is the most under rated Twisted Sister album. Eddie, you gotta sharpen your pencil a bit and stop letting these hypocrites say whatever they want on your show and you not challenging them on it.

    • Kevin Mick on

      You’re right, Freddy. Dee wrote and recorded Love I s For Suckers with other musicians and was going to release it as a Dee Snider solo album. Atlantic Records said no and they would only release it if it was a Twisted Sister album. So Dee got the other guys back together and put their names and pictures on the album and pretended they played on it. And even had them in the video. Same thing as Kiss. But of course Eddie Trunk is too afraid to bring that up to Dee.

    • MRTTMT on

      Let’s not forget the TS 40 and F–k It tour that was supposed to happen next year. Word is, Live Nation nor AEG were willing to book it above the club/theater level. Yet Dee and or Ed will pass it off as a choice. Dee already has.Next year’s tour is off the table,just not for the reason Dee gives.

      I understand people not liking the make up issue. Just always see them fussing about the 2 that chose to use it for their band, the 2 that took the job to wear it, that no one else would have turned down, yet never,ever, not once complain about the 2 that sold it ? Isn’t it all connected ?

  • David C on

    In this case, Paul Stanley is right. Dee has always been considered fringe in music, in fact his best work was probably as the writer/actor in “Strangeland.” He’s not considered a great talent as a musician or singer, so it easy to see why Stanley would make this comment after Dee decided he had to speak out of his ass basically on the KISS lineup.

    As far as the lineup of KISS goes I could care less because overall their musicianship and talent has always been below average at best regardless of who is in the band. They aren’t much of a draw, haven’t been for years. What Gene and Paul were great at back in the day was gimmick and marketing, and realizing that people like a spectacle at a show if you can’t sing or play worth a shit. And at that they were the best. Which is probably what upsets Dee, because Twisted can’t play or sing worth a s–t either, but Dee was never able to make it work like Gene and Paul did.

    • Steve D on

      David…how old are you? Really. KISS’ musicianship and talent has always been below average? “What Gene and Paul were great at back in the day was gimmick and marketing”? That statement is exactly why I question your age. KISS “back in the day” was a kick ass rock and roll band. BEFORE the marketing. You just sound like an angry little kid. “People like a spectacle if you can’t sing or play worth a s–t”. Lol. They’ve been selling albums for over 40 years. As far as my feeble brain tells me, you buy an album for the music that is on it….not for the “spectacle”. And then you go on to say Dee can’t sing worth a shit either. Why waste your time commenting on something you obviously hate? You just come off as an angry loudmouth. BTW…what do you listen to and think rates as average or above average music? Maybe you just didn’t get laid in a while and needed to blow off some steam.

    • David C on

      Calm down there Skeezix…I’m 55 years old and the first time I ever saw KISS was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on the Love Gun tour in August 1977, so don’t go off on the typical “you’re not a geezer like me” tangent. I’m a hard rock and metal fan from way back so stop telling me to get off of your lawn.

      A little band called Cheap Trick opened for them that night.

      And I get laid quite regularly, but thank you for caring.

    • elliot goldberg on

      “nobody puts david c in an incorrect age group!”

    • Waverider on

      David, your comment that Paul and Gene aren’t good players is nonsense. Every performance of theirs I’ve seen, either live in person or on tv, shows they are solid performers.

    • Mr. Rock And Roll on

      David: You can get that show you went to on a bootleg cd. 8/16/77, the day Elvis died. I’m so jealous, you saw them on the Love Gun tour. I’m 46 and my first Kiss show was the Lick It Up tour with Vinnie “I am a cacophonous mess on the guitar” Vincent…

  • MikeyMan on

    Dee’s Nutz

    His best work was with Widowmaker.
    Those 2 albums still kick ass!

  • gregg forbes on

    trunk,just finished listening to moving pictures on re mastered vinyl,holly s–t its good,got all the rush re maters so far and the maiden.its like the 70s all over, but better

  • Mark Ellis on

    I am here today to formally announce–and this is going to be uuuuge–that I have selected Twisted Sister anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as the official theme song of my campaign. We considered using KISS’s “Psycho Circus”, but decided that would be too on the nose. –Donald Trump

    PS Eddie, call me. DT

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