I woke up today to see the latest rock war of words with Paul Stanley firing back at Dee Snider over comments he made about the current Kiss on my podcast. What’s interesting about this is that Dee did this interview with me a few months ago, but I guess Paul just got around to hear about it and made sure to address it on Jericho’s podcast. Paul talks to Jericho, he does not speak with me, so I guess he felt that was the best way to fire back. The shelf life of podcasts is pretty amazing and this proves it. Since they are archived you never know when one will be heard and make news all over again. I agree with Dee’s comments and also don’t blame Paul for firing back. Both of these guys have been outspoken in their own way and I’ve always been a fan of people speaking their mind if I agree or not. Of course my name is in much of the news surrounding this in a few different ways even though I wasn’t the one that made the comments, but I’m used to that by now haha! I appreciate everyone listening to my podcasts. Truly amazing how popular they have become so quickly around the world. New every Thursday and tomorrows guest is Phil Collen of Def Leppard, next week Klaus Meine of Scorpions. Many more cool ones to come!

Headed to Vegas tomorrow. Have a couple meetings and then watching football and catching the Mayweather fight. Then from there I go to SF to do some interview for the upcoming Y&T documentary. I am on the road fairly non stop the next couple months so follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for updates and I will post here when I can. My FM syndicated show this weekend features an all new exclusive interview from Germany with Klaus from Scorpions! This Monday’s SiriusXM show is recorded. Back live 9/21 with Geoff Tate among the guests.

The Food Truck Rock Carnival is coming to NJ 9/19 & 20. Huge lineup! My ticket winners from this site will be notified very soon. Feel free to enter right up until showtime for last minute free tickets. I don’t know my schedule yet as to specific things I’ll be doing but will be there both Saturday and Sunday night. Other upcoming appearances include San Jose for Music For Heroes 9/26, and Ramona CA at Ramona Main Stage 10/2, Huntington Beach CA at Fuzion 10/3. Ramona & Fuzion will be my speaking / Q&A show. Tickets and VIP Meet & Greet tix on sale now. Hope to see you, all appearances as they come in on the home page.

Finally I have no update on a new season of TMS yet. When I do I will share. Thanks and enjoy the replays until then.

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    1. He was a great guitarist! Yes in the 80’s REO softened up quite a bit, but in the 70’s REO really rocked! Richrath was another very underrated guitarist/musician. RIP Gary.

    2. That sucks…he was a good player and they had some pretty rockin songs outside of the ballads they became known for.

    3. nicely done, t. his “keep on loving you” solo might be in the top 15 rock and roll solos of all time.

    1. Lindy: That’s Paul’s m.o. Always dance around the question and deliver the sound bites. He’s worse than a politician.

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