Live show tonight 11P ET – 2A with Chris Jericho and Biff Byford calling in from the UK live. Also more chances to win tickets to the 30th party on 10/23. As a matter of fact we just confirmed another 50 winners if you entered here on the site. If you didn’t enter and will be in NYC and want to come just click the banner on the home page. We will keep pulling winners for the next few weeks so don’t fear if you weren’t confirmed yet. All radio stations besides Q104 get a brand new all 70’s special this weekend. Please check the station list on my site to see all the places and ways you can hear this special. I know the last hour didn’t air of this special in NYC last week, so if you guys want to hear it all the affiliates have the proper version for this weekend. Check out their streams to hear as well at respective dates and times listed here on this site under On The Air. Live also this Monday 6P ET on SiriusXM 39 with Mark Tremonti & Myles Kennedy in studio.

Going to be recording an interview with Ted Nugent later tonight. It will air in a future recorded show. Been a long time since I spoke with Ted, look forward to it. Even if I don’t agree with everything some people say, I love and respect people who aren’t afraid to say how they feel, and Ted certainly fits that category. But I most want to discuss what is overlooked these days with Ted, his MUSIC. He’s also featured in my new book by the way!

Very close to finally launching an all new merch store here on this site. Some cool T’s, hats and more will finally be made available here just in time for the holidays. Hope you like the stuff and appreciate your support. Coming very soon as I just approved all the designs for the merch company. Pre orders will be taken soon.


Waiting to hear from VH1 about the next moves for TMS. They are deciding now when and where we will do them likely in the Fall. More when I know.


Was just sent an advance of my new book. After all the work it’s awesome to finally hold it and see the finished product. Like the 1st book my publisher did an amazing job with the quality and layout. It’s an amazing value at a retail list of $19.99 with Amazon now taking pre orders way below that. If you liked book one this will be the perfect companion as it is a direct sequel. Can’t wait for the NYC launch 9/24 at the Hard Rock and the signing tour. All dates on the home page with more TBA.


Football is here! Nothing better than settling in for the games. Season goes by so quick, seemed like forever to start up the games again. Psyched for this Sunday, GO GIANTS!

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  • Ryan B. on

    Ted Nugent will be the same Ted Nugent schtick it always is……..dude is more predictable than Gene Simmons at this point with what he says. He has a brand to protect!

  • Joshua on

    What are the chances that you’ll have all 3 Winery Dogs on TMS Season 13?

  • T on

    I would like to see Ted face a bear in the woods, armed only with his wit. Let him set an example by taking his natural place in the food chain. Also, Derek St. Holmes was always a much better singer than Ted, and Stranglehold is an awesome song.

  • Jim on

    Ted is so boring and silly anymore makes Gene Simmons look reasonable. Nugent is a lot like Dave from Van Halen slightly nuts and his shtick is not tolerable. I’ll pass on that interview Thank You!

  • Rich Cudd on

    Ted for POTUS! Would love to see him clean all of the Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosis out of Washington!

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