AC/DC have officially announced their new album Rock Or Bust out 12/2 with a single titled “Play Ball” hitting as soon as this weekend. The song will debut in clips during the MLB playoffs. It is also now confirmed that Stevie Young has replaced Malcolm in the band. Nothing about a tour has been announced but my sources tell me that will be next year. Sucks that Malcolm is that ill and not a part of it, but good to know there is new music and at least one more run left in this iconic band.

Ace Frehley has announced the first run of dates for his Space Invader tour. Hearing from many upset about how few dates there are and how limited the initial run is. I’m sure if things go well Ace will add dates. However what many don’t realize is that very few bands at Ace’s age and current draw level actually tour in the traditional sense. This is due mainly to the cost of touring. I’m not talking about AC/DC or Aerosmith who can afford to fly private and have every amenity. Talking about the acts at a different draw level. The days of getting a bus and big crew to do clubs or theaters and knock out 200 shows are pretty much over. Especially for artists in their 50’s and 60’s. Most do weekend fly dates. Leave on a Thursday, do a couple weekend shows, home on a Sunday. Rented gear, low overhead. TONS of bands “tour” like this now. And like any live shows they are mainly based on two things; money and how much the artist wants to do. A promoter in the area must be willing to make an offer that the artist feels makes sense for them to come there. It’s as simple as that really. It isn’t some bias against a certain part of the country or world. It is simply a case of money talks and are there promoters willing to meet the price any artist is asking to play. It has to make financial sense for artist and promoter to happen. Lastly when artists get older they also aren’t as ambitious in how extensive they want to commit to touring. Some have spent 40 years on the road and unless they feel up for a large amount of dates or are assured a certain level of comforts they stay home. So many times I hear from people on my radio shows “why doesn’t ____ tour?”. It all has to make sense for all parties and that word Music BUSINESS looms large as always.

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  • Milkmonte on

    Ace can only play a few dates because promoters lose money on his shows

  • Richard F. on

    Eddie is correct in how the Touring business works now as opposed to like 30 years ago. Some artists are not much of a draw of crowds in the US so most will do just Tours of Europe cause they draw more fans over there and the Promoters want to pay these older Bands the money they want so they can play. Big names like AC/DC, Aerosmith, KISS, Metallica, Def Leppard, Motely Crue , Judas Priest and Alice Cooper who are in the Older age bracket can still do many shows cause they still have that star power like never before where as some other ones have to do what they can just to make it in today’s market, plus if they don’t feel like being on the road long they do the short tour dates just to get some type of exposure to sell what they have current. Be thankful you can see some of your favorite artists who still Tour not everyone can.

  • Bryan on

    Eddie. Is that the real Ace on here?

  • randy cunningham on

    Hey Ed-
    Several years ago I went on a family trip to Branson, Missouri for a family trip. Branson is a town where quite a few country music artists build theatres, then play there throughout the year in permanent residence. Simply put, the fans come to them instead of the other way around. Each night at 8, the fans show up, the curtain goes up, and off you go. (I know, it’s country music…oh well)

    Anyway, while there, I wondered if rock bands would ever do something like this. Everyone said it seemed too anti-rock, too mainstream, and that part of the beauty of rock was the touring bands coming to our hometowns.

    Recently, I’ve heard about the Crue having a residency in Vegas–this November, KISS is doing the same–so, it seems like the bizarre idea is becoming more of a possibility.

    Ed-do you hear anything about this becoming more of an option for bands? I’m picturing a location where several theatres are built, (not by the artist, they may not be able to afford that cost–but they could be rented) then, the bands go there for an extended period of time and play for fans that travel to see them.

    I realize that folks will say 1) it’s so corporate, 2) it’s gonna become an 8-to-5 job, 3) it’s becoming a movie, not rock and roll, etc., but could it happen? The bands could cut costs, create multi-band shows to draw more fans, and not have to put up with all the road woes they currently face.

    I don’t know it it’s a good or bad idea, but is this something that could become a reality?

  • byrd on

    Eddie i notice alot of bands are also taking the casino routes where those places already have their own pa , lights among other things so much as to all the artist has to do is just show up and play if they want that option. These venues are also smaller (ours has a 800 seat showroom and a 5,000 event center) so ticket prices are generally higher (seen Alice Cooper play the showroom for $70 per (no opener either) and kiss play the event center on a discounted $65 ticket instead of the regular priced $99 to $150. i think this is going to be the wave of the future seems to cut alot of overhead . While it seems crazy to pay these kind of prices for a show to me they’re worth it. The showroom venue has no barrier when they say stage table your seat is litterally next to the stage

    • metalmania on

      I know some people make fun of the casino gigs, but really – if the place has a decent theater it’s probably better all around. The band gets a decent venue to play in, maybe they save some money, and as a fan I don’t have to park my car in some shady downtown lot and squeeze into a grimy club then stumble through an alley afterward with all the drunks to my car or another jam-packed bar. The casinos usually have good parking lots, plenty of restaruants and bars for before/after show, and the theater or club the show is in is nicer. Hell there’s usually a hotel attached so I can just stay the night if I want to without even having to drive or take a cab.

    • Eddie on

      Casino gigs are great and most artists love them too, and they pay better usually

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