Still great response rolling in from my podcast with Michael Anthony last week. Amazing early VH stories and his take on the Cherone years real interesting. Can’t not love how real Michael is. Great guy and great conversation. A must for any VH fan!

ALL NEW podcast with Ace Frehley went up today. This has not been heard anywhere else and is only on the podcast. Ace talks Space Invade, R&R Hall induction and of course Kiss. As usual all podcasts are 100% free and available worldwide via www.podcastone.com or subscribe and download on Itunes. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

Just hung up the phone with Joe Perry. Insanely honored that Joe has asked me to host a Q&A for his book launch signing event 10/7 at Barnes & Noble Union Square in NYC. It will start at 7PM with more details to come. So surreal for me when the guys I grew up with having posters of on my wall ask me to be a part of major events in their career. Have some other cool stuff in the works around this event. More when I can post!

Thoughts to all those who lost loved ones on this tragic day in our history 13 years ago and thanks to all who have worked and continue to work to keep us safe. I was in Las Vegas scheduled to fly home on 9/11 and was stuck there eight extra days before I could get back. Thankful I didn’t lose anyone on that day but so many were not so lucky. Never forget 9/11 and thank you to all who work to make sure it doesn’t happen again in this crazy world we live in.

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  • Mike Robbins on

    Aerosmith FANatic til the end. I’m almost 39 and I grew up in the late 80s early 90s with MTV and Headbanger’s Ball, and the MTV VMA’s and all the Pop, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal videos encompassed. I’ve always loved all that stuff and throughout my teens and early to mid-twenties I had assorted posters on my wall of artists I grew up with and admired (pop, rock, hard rock, and metal). I love reading your updates when I’m able to, as your comments and observations always come from an informed, objective, and impassioned point of view as you are a huge fan first. I find you to be always very insightful and interesting. “Thank you” for your efforts, Eddie, and for keeping the passion for the music alive.

  • Frank on

    Ace Frehley has falsely claimed sobriety for 8yrs. He is totally full of it. Eddie stop covering for this drunken fool. He needs help. Dana, post the truth!

    • Joe in The Cuse on

      Frank can your prove your theory?? Why would Eddie cover for Ace…because they are friends?? I have friends that have addictions that I don’t cover for because if you do cover for them than you really aren’t a friend. Frank don’t make yourself out to be a meathead next time.

    • Dana on


      As I don’t know Mr. Frehley personally, and I presume neither do you, only Ace and those closest to him know the truth. I can only report on what is released to the media. So, if you choose not to subscribe to, nor believe in said reported “truth,” then it becomes your opinion and not a fact.

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

  • James K. on

    The Michael Anthony podcast is great and anyone that hasn’t heard it needs to immediately. He’s such a humble, down to earth regular guy who just happens to have been in one of the greatest, most influential bands in history. And when he said his favorite VH album is Fair Warning, I was screaming “YES!” That is not only my favorite VH album (I’m a guitarist) but that was my first ever concert to. My older cousins were going but I wasn’t allowed to go with them because I was only 12. The only way my mom would let me go is if my dad took me. So, bless my dad’s big, burly, truck driving, redneck, country music loving heart, he took me and not only do Isstill consider that one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen all the way to this day, my dad thought they were great. He played guitar in country bands and I was still in the learning phase of my guitar playing but I was 100% metal and hard rock. But on the way home after that cobcert, he said, and I quote “That ole Van Halen boy can play the HELL out of the guitar!” When he passed away several years ago, at his funeral, during a video montage of his life, my mom added the picture of me and my dad the day or so after that concert, both of us wearing the Van Halen shirts we got at that concert.

    • talktopete on

      Great story James, God bless your Dad.

    • James K. on


    • Joe in The Cuse on

      Great to honor your father James. Im sure he looks down on you proudly everyday

    • James K. on

      Thanks. I have that picture of my dad and me in our Van Halen shirts in a picture album. I love and miss my dad so much. He was cool even when he wasn’t trying to be. A lot of my friends had dads that were overly tough on them but my dad embraced and supported mine and my brother’s interests. He was our buddy. He’d go to this one stall at the flea market close to where we lived that his friend Wheldon ran and brought me vinyl albums he bought there that I still have. He bought me stuff from bands he had never heard of but thought I’d like them. I guarantee you I was the only 14 year old in 1983 that had albums like Uriah Heep’s Demons and Wizards and Pink Floyd’s Meddle.

    • Joe Pensanti on

      James, what a cool memory to have. My dad passed when I was 18, and I still have the memory of begging him to take me to see Ozzy and Motley in ’84. “Dad, do you wanna get a ticket too?” “Oh, no…no no no no…I’ll pick you up later” lol…I don’t blame him, he hated rock music, loved swing/big band. It’s great to have cool memories like the story you posted. I feel happy just thinking about how that makes you feel. Cheers, buddy! : )

  • joseph on

    we all know for better or worse that both ace and peter both played with those imposters while they were in kiss, . and yeah as long as they wear original members makeup i think one could call them just that… but remember this is not by choice….this again is a controlled situation both ace and peter have no footing on , its all done by gene and paul and thats why ace is not in the band yet again…. if you really know this band and have followed them for decades you would know gene and paul have run it down the line….ace and peter were contracted to do those shows during reunion and farewell tour so i see it as they were pretty much in a corner and i could see why both ace and peter were playing with tommy and eric but its not by their choice its by gene and paul once again……gene and paul didn’t see a problem with it eve in those situations.. i see it about more a business model and just keep the money rolling …. gene and paul have mislead fans for years and years as far as i’m concerned and its usually a big lie and or contradicyion , anything to valiadate what their doing at that particular time…….period . i do not support current kiss at all but do ace and peter…

    • George on

      IF you remember how this whole thing started with Eric and Tommy in the sacred makeup, Peter refused to play on a couple of shows while on tour, so Eric filled in for him in makeup…then Ace did the same for the Aerosmith tour after Peter came back, so the shuffling of lineups and makeup was a tough decision, but what were they supposed to do? Create a new character for a few shows, or in the 11th hour before the Aerosmith tour? I do not like Eric or Tommy is the Ace and Peter makeup, but I understand the position Gene and Paul were in. I think this is less about “tricking” the public and more about being able to continue on as a band. After they have worn the makeup, it would be ridiculous to create new characters now and for the most part the fans are ok with it…not me, but I still support all things Kiss or ex-Kiss..not a huge Peter fan though and never have been as he seems to be a real selfish pain I the ass…And I have a question…as much as I like Eddie’s show, etc why did he not really give it to Mick Jones from Foreigner like he does Kiss for being a cover band?? Other than Jones, there is not one former member still in the band (hell Jeff Pilson from Dokken on bass) and when he got sick a few years ago instead of canceling shows, they continued as Foreigner without even ONE original member!! That wasn’t even brought up! Maybe because he’s not as much a fan of Foreigner as Kiss, but it is no different..and talk about tricking the public…

    • Joe Pensanti on

      Mick Jones? Foreigner and Kiss on equal levels here? Wow. Just…wow. “To continue as a band”?? Kiss shoulda hung it up after The Farewell Tour. Go out with a bang, original members.

  • PJ Schwackhammer on

    Mikey is the best. Listen to any VH demo without backing vocals and then compare it to the finished song if you ever doubt what an impact he had on that band’s sound. It’s night and day.

    Good job with the interview, Eddie.

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