Last call to enter to win a cabin for 2 on the Def Leppard cruise I will be hosting in January. Please be sure to enter if interested under the Contests tab on this site. Closing it out after Labor Day weekend and picking a winner shortly after. Good luck! More cool contests coming including an all expense paid trip to see Motley on the final show NYE in LA! Keep an eye on this site (which FYI will be redesigned very soon!).

Live SiriusXM show today 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. There is a chance Bruce Dickinson might stop by, but not confirmed. I will be hosting a live interview with an audience with Bruce tomorrow in NYC at the Hard Rock. This interview will be posted as my podcast THIS Thursday! It will also be shot on video for uses TBD. Additionally some audio will be in my radio shows in the coming weeks. But be sure to listen for an exclusive in depth live podcast to post free this Thursday with Bruce on the usual outlets; www.podcastone.com and Itunes under “The Eddie Trunk Podcast”. Really loving the new Maiden album which is out Friday. Takes a few listens since it’s long but very solid new release. If you won tickets to the event tomorrow doors at 5:30 and we start at 6:30 sharp. Please note this is NOT a meet & greet or party for Bruce/Maiden. It is simply an interview with an audience and some audience questions as well. Video and audio recording is NOT permitted.

Pointless to talk about how bad the MTV VMAs are. For us there is nothing on MTV anymore and for many of us we are way out of their target audience. So to rail on the bands and music is pointless because it’s not for us. But what really sucks is that in a 2 hour plus show they couldn’t find a spot for ONE real rock/hard rock band? That is pathetic and sad. If they would have given a band like Rival Sons 3 minutes they would have annihilated everything else. Incredible to think there was a time MTV meant something to rock and the VMAs were destination viewing..

See you this weekend if going to Farm Rock in Wauconda IL. I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday. All appearances on the home page.


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  1. The VMAS, is completely irrelevant…none of the 100 MTV channels play videos anymore, and when VH1 classic does it plays metal, so who even knows these pop videos exist..if you’re over 25 and watching the VMAS like it matters, you don’t matter…

  2. Reminds me of 1995 when Silverchair blew the roof off the Radio City grinding out “Pure Massacre.” That may have been the last time I watched.

    I did see a report on the VMA’s, which focused on wardrobe malfunctions and Kanye’s idiocy, but what struck me was how unmusical the music all sounded. Oh well, my father didn’t think Blue Cheer was music.

  3. What is really bad is how hard they had to hype the show this year. From the bit Miley Cyrus did on Jimmy Kimmel, to the consistent advertising and news hype just reeked of desperation. And if that didn’t the fact it was MTV, VH-1, CMT, Comedy Central, Palladia and Spike just showed how irrelevant the show has become. 7 Networks!?!?!

    Though the irony that it aired on Comedy Central shouldn’t be lost. In 5 minutes The Flaming Lips went from one of the most respected independent bands to a complete farce with no integrity.

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