Thanks to all who have entered to win tickets for the big 30th Anniversary bash on 10/23 at The Hard Rock Cafe with The Winery Dogs and special guests! As we get closer to the event hope to announce some special stuff and I have one thing I can now confirm! As you know, for my 25th Priest played the private party. What you may not know is that concert, which saw Priest stripped down and in street clothes playing a kick ass 60 minute set, was pro filmed. It has never been seen and will not ever be released or aired anywhere. However I have managed to get the video and approval to show it at the 30th event! Pretty much the only way you can ever see this historic performance from the Metal Gods and will be a great way to kick off the night 10/23 before the performances start. It will also be a great way to include Priest in the night and remember the special night that was the 25th party. So if you get in, you will get to see this exclusive screening that night as well! More surprises to come. You can still enter on the banner on the site for tickets. We have a computer program that will pick around 50 fans a week that enter at random, and send confirmation letters. If you get a confirmation you are in. If you don’t, you are not. But don’t fear as this process will go for a while. If you win by listening and calling in to my Q104 show you are in also. More soon!


Headed to Vegas for Labor Day weekend. Hosting a Winger show Saturday and a metal night with Sin City Sinners at Vampd Sunday night after Sabbath. Look forward to spending the weekend in one of my favorite cities. Because of the holiday the Q104 show is all new but recorded. It’s an all 70’s hard rock/metal special. Hear it 11P-2A ET streaming at www.q1043.com or use iheartradio app. The Labor Day Monday show on SiriusXM also recorded.


My FM show debuts this Sunday night at 9P on The Fox Crystal Lake IL. Welcome aboard! Please see Live & On The Air tab for the full list of stations and streams running this show this weekend. It features an interview with Mike Portnoy and M Shadows.


Have a great holiday weekend and follow on Twitter for more @EddieTrunk


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  • Tito Rodriguez on

    Eddie, you have any comments on what’s going on with Richie Sambora and Bon Jovi?

    • Eddie on

      Don’t know much, just seems like usual, money. Sad because I think they will really miss him

  • Don A on

    Drivin and Cryin rocks. A bit underrated & overlooked in hard rock. Request to hear some on the Sirius show in the recorded show next Monday. And maybe something to remind us what Hericane Alice sounded like. ALso hope to hear some Metal Midget’s talk. (Thursday 5-7… Jim Florentine’s metal show that Eddie doesn’t seem to want to mention, though he does promote the awful Don Jamison’s junk.)

  • Beth Milligan on

    Congrads on your 30th! Would love to be there, but will not even enter because we could never hope to make that much of a trip. It’s just so out of the question. You have our good wishes. Our 11 yr old went to his first concert, Alice In Chains, and appeared to be the only child there. Jerry Cantrell sent out a pick in the middle of the show for him. He says to say hello to you. Some very young fans (18 maybe) saw my “That Metal Show” t-shirt and said “Cool! Eddie Trunk rocks!” So you are still acquiring more and more fans. Have fun Eddie!

  • Fred Glass on

    Hey Eddie.. Are The Rods still together? They were a great live band that played L amours back in the day and opened for Iron Maiden at the Palladium in NYC on Maidens Number of the Beast Tour. Besides being a kick arse hard rock band, they were also nice guys. No rock star attitude from them. Many of the club bands that played Lamours in the 80s had people in those bands with huge egos.

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