Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington have announced their debut EP will be titled High Rise, and will be released through their own label, Play Pen/ADA on October 8th. The EP features 5 tracks, including the band’s #1 mainstream and active rock radio single, Out Of Time, which can be heard below.

Stone Temple Pilots featuring Chester Bennington tour dates:


4 Sands Bethlehem Event Center Bethlehem, PA
6 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ
7 House of Blues – Showboat Atlantic City, NJ
9 House of Blues Boston, MA
10 The Paramount Huntington, NY
13 OKC Downtown Airpark w/ Mötley Crüe, Hinder, Oklahoma City, OK
14 First Council Casino – Outdoors Newkirk, OK
17 BB&T Center Sunrise, FL
18 House of Blues Orlando, FL
20 The Township Auditorium Columbia, SC
21 Rockwave Fest w/ Jane’s Addiction, Fort Myers, FL
24 La Hacienda Event Center Midland, TX
26 Marquee Theatre Tempe, AZ
27 The D Las Vegas at Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas, NV

For further info and tour updates, go to .


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  • richman on

    Good luck to them. Saw them last summer with Weiland. That drugged out piece of shit asshole ruined the whole night. The music was perfect but him slurring his words and dancing like a jackass was pathetic. The rockstar diva shit works if you re good but if you suck big fucking elephant dicks it is a no go. Don t charge people $175 for tickets and then act like a moron for 70 minutes(that was it). FUCK YOU WEILAND AND YOUR SHITHEAD DRUG LIFESTYLE. YOU RE NOT EVEN RELEVANT ENOUGH FOR DR. DREW. This Chester (who I never heard of) is twice the performer than you ll ever be. Go take some pills and act like people give a shit who you are. You can t even sing back up at the familiar HOLIDAY INN salad bar while Lawrence Taylor bangs a whore 3 feet away.

    • jase on

      lol… you take things way too personal dude. calm down. and regardless of what he does he is the voice of STP and Chester is just a silly rap guy. The band name should be changed and I wouldn’t care. But no Scott. No STP. SIMPLE AS THAT.

    • richman on

      WAY TOO PERSONAL!….I took my wife to that shit last year. She still brings it up. That car ride home was ugly. DUDE, I GOT NICOLE BROWN SIMPSONED ‘CAUSE THAT SCUMBAG GOT HIGH BEFORE HE CAME OUT. You tell me who shows up for work fucked up like an asshole? He sounded like the monkey at the end of TONIGHT IM YOURS by Rod Stewart. That’s right Rod Stewart on a heavy metal site. I hate that bastard Weiland. He sounded like Herbert from FAMILY GUY. I’m telling you a dog barking for one hour ten minutes would have been preferable to his crack head nonsense. FLAVOR FLAV could do it better than Weiland. He acts like VELVET REVOLVER was beneath him. That last STP tour was his last chance. He belongs under a bridge living in a refridgerator box. He shouldn’t be allowed to sing at the soup kitchen. Total garbage.

    • John Pabst on

      You couldn’t have hit it more on the head if your nail was 20 feet wide and your hammer was an ICBM! DUDE! I’m in tears after your posts!

    • DR on

      Chester is not a silly rap guy. He’s the singer in Linkin Park, and a pretty good one at that. STP was a good band at one time, and I used to love Weiland – but he’s a fucked up loser with a big problem and apparently can’t help himself. He’s too stupid to know how bad he fucks things up. Velvet Revolver should have been a great band, and STP once was a great band and could’ve been again when they got back together. That guy had so much talent and he basically threw it away. Maybe one day he’ll sober up for good and realize how much of a stupid selfish fuck he was…if he doesn’t die from his demons first.

    • richman on

      You are the best DAIRY QUEEN supervisor out there. You always got my back dawg. LULU and AMERICAN SOLDIER is behind us.

    • DR on

      Gotta look after my head fry cook.

    • John G on

      By your logic maybe AC/DC should have changed their name once Bon Scott died. Maybe Deep Purple once Rod Evans left too. I don’t know – I liked STP vocals with Weiland, but the band always seemed more about the music than the lyrics/singing, even though they did have it running on all cylinders. I don’t know about a Linkin Park guy though. But I guess you can’t go on with a fuck-up like Weiland.

    • John G on

      He sounds alright. Be interesting to hear how he does on their other stuff.

    • DR on

      BTW John G., impressive Rod Evans mention. This site has now hit a new high.

    • John G on

      Ha ha. Well we do need to stick with Eddie Trunk and show the world that our definition of music doesn’t begin with Cinderella and end with Poison, or the Winery Dogs.

      I’ll buy Eddie’s new book cause he is a good writer and I enjoy his opinions, but I only care about 20% of the bands he’s writing about. My definition of good hard rock/heavy music isn’t taking some lame-ass child-like ballad (aka “Every Rose has its Thorn”) and cranking up a loud electric guitar as an accompanyment to make it sound like more than it is. Frankly, I don’t understand Eddie’s love for a lot of these bands. Furthermore, I think a lot of 1970s era arena bands (like Bad Company, REO, early Heart etc…)were harder rocking in their heyday than a good half the bands he profiles. Not sure how much is Eddie’s actual taste and how much is for the “salability” of the book. But he seems to enjoy 4th and 5th generation hard rock bands. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. No Michael Schenker Group was a surprise to me? Really? I’d bet “On and On” was a bigger “hit” than anything Yngwie tried to saturate the commercial market with. But I think Yngwie is huge in Europe or Japan or somewhere other than the U.S.

    • richman on


  • brian on

    Not my thing but I’m just one voice in a room large enough to hold a crowd. Scott just flushed his himself away the fact that he’s still surprises me. I’m sure once Chester settles in the fans will become used to him just like they do with other voice changes in famous bands.

    • DR on

      Based on the album cover and how they specify his name, I’m thinking this is not a permanent thing. Chester probably is still with the Linkin Park dudes as well. So I wonder what the future holds for this band.

  • Ryan B. on

    In the end, it really doesn’t matter.

    • MikeyMan on


  • Lee on

    No Scott, No STP. Morphine is like touching god. Maybe he can play Dingbatz with Tramp.

  • T on

    STP has a great catalog of material, and potential to continue. They should take a note from Alice in Chains, who did a pretty good job of finding a new singer. Chester is good, but he’s not the long term solution, and doesn’t claim to be.

    • Rich Cudd on

      AIC didn’t need a new singer. Cantrell can hold his own in that department, and frankly his solo stuff is superior to all of the post Layne Staley AIC material.

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