Just came back from a couple days in DC with my family doing the tourist thing with my kids. I live about 4 hours from DC but never took the time to really check it out. Amazing place. Had a private VIP tour of the Capitol and FBI which was awesome. Want to give huge thanks to Doug Davenport & Elliot Berke for all the hook ups and hospitality. If you’ve never been seeing this city is something I would really suggest if you find the time. Lot’s to see for sure and we only scratched the surface in a day and a half.

I am hours away from announcing a very cool event for my NYC audience in NYC 9/1 regarding Iron Maiden! Save the date! The event will be free and details to be posted here very very soon!

TONS of new music out or coming out soon. I hope you guys take the time to seek out what you like and support it. Way too much to even mention it all here now. As always I will play (as I have for 33 years!) a great variety of it in both of my radio shows including on my syndicated FM weekly show. That premieres tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. My current favorites are the new Winery Dogs and Last In Line. Neither are out yet but loving them. Just got the full new Maiden and will listen soon. Remember my radio shows also stream live free using iheartradio app or for AAF at www.waaf.com Full list of all stations under Live & On The Air on my site.

My next live appearance is this Sunday hosting the rock show at the Iowa State Fair. I fly into Iowa tomorrow night. Look forward to seeing you if attending. I’ll try and get over to the merch both to say hi when I can. Merch will have my shirts for sale as well. All confirmed appearances on the home page.

Huge response to my new podcast with Bill Ward! Hear it now free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com . Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

Finally Happy Birthday to my son Raymond, and also Dana Rosen who does the news on this site. Both celebrate 8/22! Dana has been a HUGE help for years bringing you all the music news and donating her efforts to this site. Please take a moment to wish her a happy birthday in comments tomorrow if you can.

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  1. The podcast with Bill was great! I appreciate him being honest the way he’s been. Hopefully things will work out for him but, if they don’t, I have as feeling Bill can handle it just fine. The statement he made after the podcast and how he was concerned how he came off during the interview wasn’t necessary because I thought he came off as honest and sincere. But I understand that he’s in a weird situation and has to think about consequences for what he says and was just being cautious. So Sharon Osbourne doesn’t like him, big deal! He’s probably in great company. I’m positive there’s way more people that like Bill than there are who dislike him. I’m also positive that Sharon Osbourne can’t say that about herself.

  2. first happy birthday dana,you too trunk?august rocks.van halen /jones beach,both shows were awesome,band was great,so was dave.next up ac/dc at metlife stadium.waiting for the new maiden lp.up the irons.both van halen shows were packed with rock is not dead fans.rock/metal alive and well in the new York area,dana,have a drink on me/ac/dc

  3. This song is dedicated to Dana…

    They say it’s your birthday
    We’re gonna have a good time
    I’m glad it’s your birthday
    Happy birthday to you! 😉

    Happy birthday Dana, and many, many more! 🙂 Cheers!

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