Great trip to Houston last week that included 2 live broadcasts from the House Of Blues, hosting a private event with Don Felder, Robert Mason, Vince Neil, Stephen Pearcy and Dee Snider, and hosting Pearcy & Bulletboys at Tumbleweeds on Friday night. I want to thank everyone who came out to the broadcasts, the HOB, John and staff at Tumbleweeds, John Escamilla, Jeff Blando, and mostly all the great fans I met and who came to the remote radio show. One more airing of the show with Dee, Pearcy and Robert today 8-10P ET on SiriusXM 106.

I’ll be back live in 106 Volume tomorrow 2-4P ET with my guest Jerry Cantrell. Also live tomorrow 5-8P ET on channel 39.

Many have asked me about the news of the Vinnie Vincent appearance announced for Atlanta in February. I know nothing more than what you guys have read. I have for years tried to track Vinnie down and interview him. I’m still trying and now that he is doing this maybe he will come on. Many fans seem skeptical if he is really doing this signing. Again, I have no info beyond what is posted. But if he does an interview we will learn more no doubt. Would be great if this is a sign that this talented musician is going to be active again..

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  • earthdog70 on

    I hope Eddie has already booked his plane ticket for Atlanta. He can just show up and I’m sure Vinnie will make some time for him.

    Also a great idea Eddie had to show up on this year’s KISS cruise unannounced. It could be a reality show like “Undercover Boss.” But this will be “Undercover Trunk!” When KISS first goes on stage at the cruise, Eddie reveals his true identity. That is TV ratings GOLD!

    • elliot goldberg on

      eddie, if you show up at the kiss cruise,…just make sure the cruise director doesn’t add “dunk the trunk” to the activity schedule.

  • Sonny Rock on

    Is there any way to listen to Eddie’s Sirius Show w/o the Sirius App? I have Sirius in my car, but, I listed to Stern, and then when he’s done, I flip it over to Volume 106, try and catch as much Eddie as I can. Too much good Radio & Podcasts available!! Too many good TV Shows/Movies!!! I’m buried in good content!!!

    If anyone has any good ideas, I appreciate it!!

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