Welcome to August! Where do the Summer go so fast? August significant for me a few ways. It’s me and my sons birthday, and it’s closer to real NFL games with the pre season about to start! Speaking of football I have 2 season tickets and pre paid parking for the entire upcoming Giants season for sale, all 10 games. If interested email me ASAP [email protected] with Giants in the subject. Seats are upper end zone but cheapest way in to the place and a good view.


Congrats to The Winery Dogs on the Top 30 Billboard debut. Sucks that selling 10K copies gets you top 30 these days but such is the business in 2013. US live debut is this Saturday in a show I am hosting at BB Kings NYC that is sold out. The band is on stage no later than 8:30 if you are going. See you there, can’t wait.


The NYC Phil Anselmo show that was scheduled for Best Buy Theater has been moved to Gramercy Theater. If you PURCHASED tickets you must refund them and re buy for new venue. If you WON tickets on my show you WILL be on the list at the new location.


Book tour continues to firm up. Vegas location on 10/4 will be the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino just prior to Motley playing that night! I’ll have exact location in the casino announced soon and time, but it will be at Hard Rock and I thank them for hosting me again. More signings TBA, please keep an eye on this space and the archives. VOL 2 out 9/24. Thanks to all who pre ordered on Amazon or will!


LIVE on Q104.3 NYC tomorrow night 11P-2A ET. Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith will be my guest to discuss the new DVD. I’ll also have some to give away. Listen live outside the NYC area using the free iheartradio app or free stream at www.q1043.com


Huge LIVE show Monday on SiriusXM 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNK Nation. Packed with live in studio guests! Up first at 6 The Winery Dogs (Sheehan, Kotzen, Portnoy), at 8P ET Jason Newsted & Mike Mushock, at 9P Jeff Pilson! Don’t miss this massive Eddie Trunk LIVE on TRUNKnation!

Thanks to Joey Kramer of Aerosmith for calling into my SiriusXM show last Monday. Always great to talk with Joey who said the vibe in the band now is better than ever. The new concert film out now is amazing and all real! A true audio rareity with concert DVDs. If you are a coffee fan check out his custom coffee Rockin & Roastin.

Hearing next TMS tapings will be late Oct / early Nov, dates, tickets, location TBA.


UFO coming over in the Fall for US shows. Psyched!

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  • Ryan B. on

    I wish I could have heard the Kramer interview or got to call in. Ever since I read Peter Criss’s autobiography, I’ve wanted to ask him or you Eddie, since you are buds with Peter, why Peter referred to him as a first class asshole while the rest of the Aerosmith guys were cool. A drummer thing? Substances?

  • Dennis D on

    New Winery Dogs is great, have listened to it non-stop since getting it. Band fills the void of Classic Rock influenced New Bands in today’s music industry. Now if we can just get them/promoters to book them in the Boston area. I am a hard rock/heavy metal/blues rock fan to the core, these styles are all I listen to. However I have never been a fan of Dream Theater. I say this because I have been a HUGE fan of everything Mike Portnoy has done since leaving DT. Adrenaline Mob, Flying Colors and now The Winery Dogs are in constant rotation when I am listening to music. I know I am just one person, but I have become a fan of Mike Portnoy and his projects because of his post DT work. STOP THE MIKE PORTNOY bashing, if you don’t like his post DT work don’t listen and don’t post on blogs if so, have some class.

  • T on

    That Monday SiriusXM show sounds great. Some of the biggest names in rock/metal all on one show. Nice work. I wish I could go to that Winery Dogs show Saturday, that’s going to be amazing,. No wonder it sold out.

  • flashrockinman on

    Happy Birthday Eddie! I completely understand, if you want to sell your Giants season tickets so you can buy Eagles season tickets. Best wishes.

  • Todd Fagan on

    You mean, Aerosmith DVD had no overdubs, we all know they use they hell out of the backing tape live, giving the Crue a run for their money.

    • Eddie on

      You would be 100% wrong! They have a backing musician ON STAGE with them (unlike most artists who hide them or use tape!) that they introduce in the show! His name is Russ Irwin, sings and plays keys. No smoke and mirrors with them…

    • David Shamblin on

      I’ve seen bands use backing musicians, but not my boys AC/DC. I’ve seen them live in every decade since the ’70s including Bon and it’s always just the five guys kicking ass. Saw them three times on their Black Ice tour (including the rehearsal show in Scranton PA) and even took my 26 year old daughter to a show in LA, and then again when they came to the Shark Tank in San Jose CA and never a sign of a tape or backing musicians even at their age.

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