Had a great chat with Slash on my Q104 show this past Friday night. He checked in from the road and we caught up with him on his first movie he produced (Nothing To Fear), his current US tour, plans for his next album, and the status of VR, plus much more. You can hear this interview on all affiliate stations (listed on the site) this weekend and On Demand if you are a site member. I’m hoping to make it out to catch a show next week in PA.


Another new TMS premiered this past Saturday. Since these shows were shot a couple months ago I tend to forget whats in them half the time until they air! So it was cool to have Steve Vai and Dee Snider make appearances along with main guests Tom Keifer, Rob Zombie & John 5. Tom was a first time guest and was great to finally have him on. He just sent me a nice text and said he really enjoyed it, which was cool. Also heard from Eric Brittingham who we had some fun with in that video clip and got a kick out of it. Too funny! 2 more new TMS to come in the current season. This Saturday ALL NEW with Scott Gorham & Ricky Warwick of Black Star Riders (Thin Lizzy), Neil Fallon of Clutch, and Ben Weinman from Dillinger Escape Plan on the Metal Modem. Plus my rant in this weeks episode on the term “hair band/metal”. Premieres this Saturday 11/10C on VH1 CLASSIC. I don’t know the schedule for when we will tape more new shows next, likely Oct/Nov time frame. Please keep watching and spreading the word, thanks!


Honored to once again be hosting next years Monsters Of Rock Cruise. I’ve done this every year and it is a blast to hang with all the fans and bands. Hope to see you all on board again! I will also be hosting 3 shows with Motley Crue in Oklahoma. 9/12 in Durant, 9/13 in OKC (w/STP), 9/14 in Miami OK. Details on the home page Presents listings. Hope to see you out at these shows!


Appreciate everyone who has pre ordered Vol 2 of my book out 9/24. Should have details on the first signings very soon. Two already set for NJ and Staten Island Barnes & Noble stores.


Had Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro on my SiriusXM show last night. Was good to meet him and talk about his career. Afterwards we all went out for drinks for my buddy Frank Bello’s birthday in NYC. Good hang. Mike Tramp in studio this Monday on the SiriusXM show.

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  1. Thanks for the update on the Monsters of Rock cruise Eddie. I’m on the mailing list and my wife and I are going to try and make it from CA for the 2014 cruise. Sounds like a great time!

    1. Didn’t bother to watch that episode until a half hour into it . Rob Zombie / White Zombie … AWFUL ! That other dude with the whacked hair .. isn’t he the guitar player in Marilyn manson ?? WORSE! Great to see Tom Kiefer keeping busy . New solo album is really good !

  2. I’m not sure why Don did the rant he did. Why do you want to alienate or poke fun at some of your fans? You should love how some fans are passionate. Having passionate fans is much better than not having any fans at all. You guys always love to reference ESPN Classic when people ask about new bands.

    Have you guys ever heard of an “Instant Classic”? ESPN Classic has aired new sports games that were deemed instant classics later that day or the following day. One instance I remember is the World Cup game in 2006. The game was re-aired shortly after on ESPN Classic. So is one day old not considered new? This whole classic rant or montage doesn’t really make sense. Obviously we know what the network wants. Saying what the network wants and making fun of you fans are two different approaches.

    Otherwise, I’m really enjoying the show.

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