Watched an early screener of an upcoming new documentary on Quiet Riot called “Now Your Here There’s No Way Back”. Found it to be really good. It was sad, funny, and very honest in what they showed and how it was dealt with. Cameras followed them around and captured some amazing and at times pretty raw moments. There is some footage from the early Randy years and tells the story of the bands many lineups, how they evolved, and how they seemingly overnight became massive. I think the importance of Metal Health is often overlooked. It was a HUGE album and in many ways a gateway to the 80’s metal explosion. Both Dee Snider and Glenn Hughes (very close friend of Kevin DuBrow’s) offer some great commentary. But the story also revolves greatly around Frankie Banali, his friendship with Kevin, his life now, and his attempts to keep the band going for better or worse. Loved the honesty and how transparent and tough things can be for a band from the 80’s now, especially lacking a key member. How Frankie deals with Kevin’s death is also dealt with. Really recommend the film and I’ll keep you posted as to when and where you can see it once it is released.

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    • SpungeeGoodness on

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    • Eddie on

      My merch has larger sizes, I have nothing to do with TMS merch. Thanks

    • Robin Nesteruk on

      It is so good..Saw it at The Newport Beach Film Festival and it was really raw with honest emotions..A must see for all rock fans..By the way Eddie you failed to mention the upcoming new vocalist frontman Jizzy Pearl who is now leading the way with new material and of course Quiet Riot’s signature hits!! Going to catch another show here real soon..They are back and better than ever!!!

  • Alan Tepper on

    Is it really called “Now YOUR Here…”? Is YOUR purposely misspelled as a nod to the Slade songs they covered, or is this just a misspelling in this post?

    • Tommy W. on

      I remember laying in bed one night and hearing “Metal Health” being played on the radio. Totally changed my musical life at 14. It was incredible. Amazing how hard sounding that song was at the time compared to music now (or even Metallica later that year really). From there the door to heavy music really opened for me.
      I saw them open for Iron Maiden and only went to see Quiet Riot. I had purchased Piece of Mind, but really didn’t get it? “I’ll take you life, but you’ll take mine too”. These songs were so different, and boy they were HEAVY!!! I wanted to know a little about the headliner….so that’s why I bought the album.
      Iron Maiden were amazing and after the show I purchased Number of the Beast. What a Maiden, Priest, Scorpions, Crüe, Ratt, and you name the band of the time…fan I became….and STILL AM! Never would have happened without QR. Sadly they were not that great live. Their next album “Condition Critical” wasn’t too good either. QR III , was actually pretty good. By that tour in ’86 they played a small club and a band named Poison opened and those “girls” blew them off the stage. They were toast.
      I tend to believe there were several kids like me at the time. Quiet Riot was the gateway band to hard rock and heavy metal for a lot of ’80’s kids. No way around it. For that I will always hold them in high regard.
      Can’t wait to see the documentary!!!

  • GNR on

    This sounds like a must see. Eddie, how would you rank it against docs like Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage? The Rush one is my favorite so if this is anything close I will be getting it when it is available.

  • Mike B on

    I would really like to see this. Metal Health was the first huge “metal” album of the early 80’s. I remember.

    • Mike B on

      Of course, some might think of Back in Black, but to me that was not metal–it was hard rock. A slight difference from my perspective. Maybe I’m just splitting hairs…

  • Ivan on

    So Eddie … this is mainly Metal Health and beyond? Post Randy…?
    Agreed, that album was huge and them taking the stage at the US festival was huge too.
    Will definitely look for this one, thanks!

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