Last night we posted a story in the news section that was sent to me via Twitter about Kiss replacing Gene and Paul and continuing on with a band of no original members. We later found out the original story was from 2008. While the haters will just attack and say it was calculated to further some insane anti – Kiss agenda (love how I am so anti Kiss and STILL PLAY ALL THEIR MUSIC, too funny!), I left it up for two reasons. One the amount of differing opinions on this generated in comments was interesting and ALL views were posted, and two this is still the plan and closer than ever to happening! If this is what they were planning 6 years ago it is really just around the corner now! Clearly the way they do it might be altered but this is still happening and the band has discussed it in the press even recently. So nothing has changed except for it is more imminent! I am hearing maybe two years away from launching at this point with the current (Gene and Paul) band having maybe one more run left after the current tour. What was stunning about this is how many saw it as major news they never heard? This has been talked about and discussed for a long time by Gene and Paul. So no mater where you fall on it I decided to leave it up because I found ALL sides of the reaction interesting and posted ALL response to it. Unlike some I respect and appreciate all opinions and they are represented here as well as my radio and TV shows. But to see this as some crazy dated story that is no longer the plan is not the case. Some may want to live in some fantasy land but all our heroes are getting older (so are we!) and how they handle the end of their careers will be interesting. Who really retires, who stuck around too long, who does bands with no original members. All good debate and all welcome here.

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  • mark on

    So a 50% original members kiss has to drag leppard out to co headline amphitheatres..where is this 100% tribute band going to play…?????? ..if the band is the biggest they have ever been why are they playing Vegas in a 3.200 seat hall.you go on a arena/stadium tour like metallica or maiden do..

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