Went out the The Sands in Bethlehem PA last night to catch Cheap Trick. I’ve been seeing this band since around 1981 when I used to go see them co headline with UFO. CT is another band that defies father time. They still sound amazing and look pretty much the same. Robin Zander another one of those total freaks that looks like he stepped off the cover of Budokan and more importantly still sings that well! Rick is one of the most unique players out there. Watching him and his array of guitars is truly amazing. Tom is as cool as ever with that innovative 12 string bass he developed. And Dax does a phenomenal job on drums for Bun E who no longer tours. Cheap Trick tour constantly and are currently on a co headline with Peter Frampton (who also sounded great the little I got to see of his set). It’s baffling why they aren’t a way bigger band than they are now. Especially when you consider the hits they have and the fact they are still so damn great. They also appeal to a very wide range of rock fans, metal, hard rock, rock, pop. In many ways they are the ultimate power pop band. Really good guys who just love to play and can play their entire catalog at any second. I know this because for the second time they let me pick the bulk of their set list last night! Imagine how cool that is? If you could ask a band you love to play 10 songs from their history and they actually do it?! Cheap Trick did that last night for the second time for me. Of course I picked a ton of deep tracks and they know them all. You see they don’t rehearse. They always plays and just get up and go for it. It’s remarkable really and so rare. Raw, live and real. You can see photos of the set and from the show on my Instagram or Twitter feeds. Long live Cheap Trick, another band that is a HUGE oversight for the HOF! Thanks to the guys and the crew for letting me take over the show haha. Rick once again introduced me to the crowd and said if they didn’t like the set to blame me.. priceless!

Headed to FL tomorrow. I’ll be in S FL for a week. This Friday I am at the Culture Room with Don & Jim in Ft Lauderdale for our live show. Live music as well and some special guests. Tickets and VIP tickets on sale now and at the door. Then I’ll be hosting Whitesnake 8/5 at Hard Rock in Hollywood and Alice In Chains there 8/11. After Whitesnake meet me in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in the casino. Books and merch for sale.

New podcast tomorrow with Corey Taylor. Free on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

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  • shannon mehaffey on

    I saw them in 2012 when they were doing the Dream Police record, Los Angeles Greek theater, it might be the best time I’ve ever had at a concert, it was magical, I didn’t want it to end.

  • George Crock on

    Great review of Cheap Trick show Eddie. You are right another, great band that should be in the RRHOF, but are not. Hope they get in soon along with Deep Purple, Yes, ELP, ELO, Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Pat Benatar, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Judas Priest, Motely Cure, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Bad Company, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Whitsnake, Foreigner, Journey, Supertramp, and maybe a retcon induction of post-Ozzy Sabbath albums, post-original line-up KISS members and albums, and the rest of Alice Cooper’s catalog. Listening to the live version of I Want You to Want Me from Budakon. Those additions would be great for the HOF, but to the nomination board up in New York, it will always be let’s just skip those genres and instead put in alt rock bands that have limited appeal to mainstream audiences. Thoughts on these additions Eddie?

    • Bill F. on

      I’m not a fan of them being in there, but it’s hard to argue that Green Day “have limited appeal to mainstream audiences”. They have six platinum albums, including one Diamond (Dookie) and one at 6 million sold (American Idiot). Same with REM (they deserve to be there, just not first ballot ahead of those that came before). The really big head scratchers are the rockers that got in more on their political affinity with Jann Wenner than anything else (I’m talking about Laura Nyro, Jackson Browne, Bob Seger, The Pretenders, etc.).

      Look, I’m a huge fan (Blackmore is my favorite musician of all time) but Motely Cure (haha, I got a chuckle out of that) and Rainbow don’t belong there. Nor does Thin Lizzy. My opinion only, but the most egregious omissions at this point:
      – Deep Purple
      – Yes
      – Journey
      – Cheap Trick
      – Iron Maiden
      Solo Artists:
      – Phil Collins Solo
      – Robert Fripp/King Crimson
      – Ozzy (w/Randy Rhoads)

      How can you not have the writer of arguably the most famous riff in rock and roll history not in there? My 14-year-old One Direction loving daughter knows “Smoke On The Water”.

    • George Crock on

      Nice thoughts Bill F. , but I think there is a case to be made for Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, and Motley Crue. Rainbow is the starting point for all power metal acts, Thin Lizzy pioneered the dual guitar attacks that would influence Priest, Maiden, and others; and Motley helped to kickstart 80s glam metal. As for the alt rock acts I was merely saying that because they are constantly put on the ballot ahead of the deserving rock acts that I mentioned in my first post, I feel they get a sense of entitlement of when they get inducted to Rolling Stone and AP trying to say to us fans of hard rock, heavy metal, and prog rock, that alt rock (from the 80s to today, i.e. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Green Day, REM) are to be unquestionably lauded, while other genres are to be buried. Just my opinion.

  • wag daddy on

    I can’t agree more….Cheap Trick is, was and forever shall be one of the best American Rock N Roll bands of all time-they have influenced so many younger bands, (many of whom are in the RNRHOF) have the respect of their peers and are great musicians as you duly noted, being able to play any song from from their 40 year history at a moment’s notice. They are great guys, and through everything in their career-they have continued to create/play amazing music…Eddie, I so appreciate you sticking up for these guys as much has you have on the air-although they are more power pop than metal-everybody loves them….except for the RNRHOF selection committee.

  • Andrew on

    Wish I could have been there. Hopefully there is youtube footage. I remember seeing Them at Lamour ‘s in Brooklyn and rick did this amazing solo while drinking and pouring beer on his head.

    • Dana on

      OMG, L’Amour…I spent a good portion of my youth there, as I am from Brooklyn.

      D πŸ™‚

    • Andrew on

      Hey Dana . I grew up 10 blocks away my friend John used to work there as well as Joey Tab the bartender. I was basically there every weekend Saw Accept Twisted Sister countless times, Robin Trower, Steve Marriot, Motorhead. Got to hang with Lemmy till noon the following day. Didn’t know you were a Brooklyn girl. You do an awesome job with this site by the way!

    • Dana on

      Hi Andrew,

      Yes, Brooklyn born and bred, my friend. πŸ™‚ I lived at L’Amour, so maybe, I would recognize your face? Remember the DJ, Chuck K.? LOL! So many good memories..

      Also, thank you for your very kind words. I really appreciate it.

      All my best,
      D πŸ™‚

  • James K. on

    The podcast this week should be a good one. Corey is another one of those guys that’s very opinionated and is not afraid to speak his mind and doesn’t seem to care if it pisses anyone off.

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