Tragic news today involving a band that has endured way too much, Adrenaline Mob. They are on tour and today their vehicle was hit by a tractor trailer. This is still a very fresh and developing situation and news is still coming in. I have received return texts from Mike Orlando and Russell Allen, so they seem to be somewhat okay. I did not know the bands drummer but hoping for the best for him and all involved. However I do have confirmation of the absolutely tragic news that bassist David Z has passed away. David was a friend for many years and we had many good times. A great musician, always a smile, always very positive. I first met David, his brother Paulie Z, and drummer Joey Cassata during their days as a Kiss tribute. Later they became the trio ZO2 and came on my shows many times. They also had a TV show called Z Rock that I was once a guest on on IFC, along with many rock legends doing cameos. ZO2 was also an educational fun kids band. Both of my kids grew up learning and singing to their CDs and they would also entertain at kids parties around NYC. My good friend Bob Held and his wife Lynn worked hard to get both the real rock band and kids version of the band off the ground, and that’s what the TV show was about (It’s on DVD). Unfortunately, although they came close, ZO2 didn’t quite make it. Paulie moved to L.A. where I see him when I go out hosting jams, among other things. Joey continues to play out and about in NYC. David played on recent tours for Trans Siberian Orchestra. I saw him with the band this past year and he was a perfect fit and really showcased. I was very happy for him. All of these guys were never bitter about the industry as many can often be. They always had a great spirit about them and are always great to see and hang with. Recently David joined Adrenaline Mob. He told me about it and was really thrilled to be a part of the band, their new album, and the tour they have been on. I was happy for his emerging success and long overdue recognition. We also hung out on the Monsters cruise where David played with a few artists including Soto. He and I would go to the gym on the cruise and he would give me pointers, and trust me I needed them! David was always kind and encouraging and supportive. Today David Z has died way too young in a tragic accident. He will be missed and my condolences to his family, friends, bandmates and fans. This is beyond crushing. My best to all impacted by this accident and all the AMob guys who are also good friends. RIP David Z, you will be missed brother…

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  • B5Erik on

    I saw David with ZO2 in 2004 when they opened for KISS at Irvine Meadows. I had no idea who they were, as they were touring in support of their first album which was on a small, independent label. I had no idea what to expect from them, either. To say that I was blown away would be a minor understatement. They were fantastic. Musically, they were tight and energetic. Their songs had some great riffs and the band played the music extremely well. But it was the vocals that really impressed. They sang harmonies that actually sounded better than on the album! (I bought the album shortly after seeing the concert.) David was a huge part of that, and I’ll never forget just how good this largely unknown band was when they opened for KISS. They absolutely destroyed Poison (who was the special guest on the tour), and if they had been the only opening act they would have satisfied the crowd with the quality of their performance.

    The band would go on to release two more albums, both of high quality, and, again, David was a big part of those albums, too. The fact that he got multiple gigs after ZO2 came to an end attests to his talent and professionalism. I was shocked and saddened to learn of his passing. He will be greatly missed.

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