Just heard from Podcast One that my debut podcast is Top 10 debut on Itunes! Thank you all for your amazing support and kind words about it. Thanks to Priest for doing it. What a way to start in the podcast world! Listen and subscribe now FREE via Itunes or visit www.podcastone.com We talk Halford’s voice, new album, tour, Steel Panther and more!  Thank you all!

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  1. awesome,eddie,the priest,herd ur favorite picks from the new album,eddie,you left out,sword of democles,cold blooded,secrets of the dead,battle cry,creatures.just kidding eddie,but I wanna hear them.this album is killer,n I wanna hear a lot of it.will even pass up on some of the classics.did u record that interview in Florentines bathroom???????????

  2. There are so many entertainment formats competing for our attention. I knew there was a thing called a podcast, but I’d never listened to one, until now. I really liked it. The sound was echoey, so I just imagined the interveiw was being conducted in a oversized tile and concrete dressing room in a mega-arena.

    I’ll be interested to hear from King Diamond. My question for him: As an avowed Satanist, do you think you’re going to hell, and are you ok with that?

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