thecult400 The Cult’s frontman Ian Astbury does not like the term classic rock and says it has marginalized certain bands.

The outspoken frontman is preparing for a North American tour with The Cult, but does not want to be branded a classic rock band.

The singer tells the Vancouver Sun, “I despise the term classic rock. Whoever came up with that should be publicly shamed. It may be convenient for VH1 or certain publications, but this particular period of rock music has become nothing more than a scrap yard for ironic T-shirts. It has been marginalized and pushed into a certain space, and that’s unfortunate. There’s so many artists still making vital music.”

The Cult are working on their 10th album, and first since 2012’s Choice Of Weapon. But Astbury is thankful of a break from the studio to hit the road.

He adds, “The Cult started as a live band. The idea of making records was a fantasy – that was something someone else did. We had done hundreds of shows before we even had the chance to make a record, so a chemistry evolves. We’ve got to play. It’s our lifeblood.”



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  1. Sonic Temple is one of the greatest hard rock albums ever- 25 years after it’s release, it still sounds as fresh and kicks as much ass as it did when I bought the album back in 1989

  2. Not Sure why people get hung up about titles anyway. Either it is good music or not. for Ian to get upset with the title Classic Rock makes no sense. He is older and the band has mostly an older fan base that is a fact not fiction. This does not mean they don’t make great music but they do not have the pulse of the Youth anymore get over it and embrace where you are and be happy anyone still wants to listen to your band. that goes for all bands over 10 years of grinding it out.

  3. jim from houston makes a great point , about not having the youth audience, its a sad but true fact radio has all but abandoned hard rock and metal, i would almost bet my life if you put a great new song by the cult or any great hard rock/metal artist on the radio in heavy rotation the response would be great ! people like what they know/hear on the radio – if you are a rock fan , the music you hear on the radio today is for the most part garbage, the crazy thing to me is why has radio given up on hard rock/metal what is wrong with loud guitars and huge drums driving a hooky chorus ? there are some really great new rock bands out there- who deserve to be on the radio winery dogs is just one example- i have my opinions , but i would love eddie or dana to weigh in on this-

    1. “why has radio given up on hard rock/metal what is wrong with loud guitars and huge drums driving a hooky chorus?”

      I’m not Eddie or Dana but I pay attention to music and I wave the flag for Rock and Metal (and independent music stores) so here’s my $.02….

      I think the biggest reason that Rock has taken a backseat is because of shows like American Idol and The Voice who turn music into a popularity contest and focus on Pop/Hip Hop/R&B. Additionally, today’s youth are not concerned with the credibility of artists, which is why there are so many soundalike artists out there with the same recycled beats and tired cliches in their music. If there was a “Metal Idol” or primetime version of “Battle of the Bands” which focused on new Rock artists and bands, it would help bring Rock and Metal back into the spotlight. Back when MTV was watchable, “Headbanger’s Ball” was a great example of a show that helped bring exposure to Rock and Metal acts.

      Regarding a “hooky chrous”…what happens when Rock bands make radio-friendly music? The trolls come out! I’d venture to say a band like Nickelback strategically crafts songs that will get huge airplay and people say they suck for it (I’m not a fan) but it works because they’re on the radio and not just on Rock radio stations. Basically, Rock/Metal artists have to either sell out to get on radio or stay true to themselves and hope their fanbase sticks with them and spreads the word. Of course, the opposite extreme of radio-friendly rock is just noise and when people hear some dude basically growling over double kick drums and screaming guitar, they are turned off completely from what they perceive all Metal to sound like.

      The reason I mentioned independent music stores is because I feel like people discover better music in the right environment in those kind of stores because all the box retail stores play is Top40 garbage. I’ve never been in a Best Buy or Target store and heard Winery Dogs or Sabbath or The Cult, and people are like sheep when it comes to following music; whatever is “mainstream” is what ends up on their iPod.

  4. Hey the Cult are the best!! Electric maybe my fav but 1994 the Cult CD & Born into this & choice of weapon fucking kick!! Beyond good & evil prob. Killer too but must have been pretty busy in my life working for a living & DIDNT find ENUFF time to listen to but I will soon!! Whatever happened to that podcast release from MAYB 5 years ago I can’t find anything about it now!? Ian & Billy kick ass & are always creating great cult lineups & music, live & on CD!! Do YERSELF a favor & try to catch em live!! They Rock!! & do YERSELF another favour & start listening to their music!! Prob. Best Rock Singer & guitar player alive!! Trust me IVE been listening to Rock for many decades & these guys are possibly my favorites!! Choice of weapon is killer & I can’t wait for more releases from the Cult!! & want to see em live more, more , more!! I hope these guys take care of themselves so they can keep creating & putting out the best Rock music Ever!! Love the current line up guys!! Please keep rocking SO WE can all Rock out to the Rock Gods & be inspired to they to imulate what you have accomplished in YER short lives!! Ok Thx!! YER # 1 fan!! Greg Hunt!!

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