Just wrapped a great weekend of my daily radio show TrunkNation on SiriusXM 106 Volume. Highlight guests this week were Lou Gramm, Billy Sheehan and Nicko McBrain. As usual if you have SiriusXM you can hear any of these shows On Demand now on the app or website. Also the entire Nicko McBrain show will reair this weekend on Saturday and Sunday 8-10P ET on 106. My show from earlier today reairs tonight 9-11P ET.

Back live this Monday 2-4P ET on 106. The second hour of my show this Monday will be a SiriusXM Town Hall with Nickleback joining me live. Also next week on Thursday Roger Earl of Foghat joins me to talk 40th anniversary of Foghat Live. Loving all the great rock variety every week, thanks to those who join me and listen daily!

All new FM Eddie Trunk Rocks show this weekend on my affiliates FM stations. Debuts tonight 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free.

New podcast now up with Styx! Free www.podcastone.com or Itunes.

Have a real exciting new TV project to announce soon (not related to That Metal Show). News when I can share. It’s gonna be cool!

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  • Harold Taint on

    Nickleback? Give us a break Ed.

    • Keith G on

      I don’t understand all of the hate for Nickelback. I enjoy quite a bit of their music, and I have seen some You Tube clips of their live shows that look pretty entertaining. To me, they are one of those bands that you can enjoy without being a huge fan. Sort of like Ratt or Quiet Riot are for me. Nickleback’s music is pretty melodic, mostly guitar driven, and they have quite a few really hard rock tracks that are pretty good. To each their own, I guess!

  • earthdog70 on

    I enjoyed the Trunk Nation show yesterday evening on Hair Nation. When the caller at the end asked Eddie “whatever happened to Michael Sweet?” I thought Eddie was going to burst a blood vessel! Highly entertaining radio, but I hope Eddie’s blood pressure is OK.

    • Eddie on

      I assure you I am fine, but thanks for the concern haha

  • Elijah Free on

    Lou Gramm is the man….

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