Two big stories this week swirling around the metal scene and they both revolve around Judas Priest. First the item on Bruce Dickinson and his comments on Halford and Metallica (see the story in the news section on this site). I don’t agree with Bruce and his criticism of Halford for using a prompter if indeed he does. Honestly who cares? If it doesn’t impact the show what’s the difference? Most artists that use prompters (and many do), rarely use them. They are there as a safety in case they lose their place in the song. Axl, Steven Tyler and many others use them. But I have stood on stage while both of these guys perform and they run all over the place and rarely look at it unless they forget where they are for a second. Not a huge deal. As for Bruce’s feeling that Maiden is better than Metallica that is simply opinion, and what would you expect him to say about his own band? Of course he will think that! But this all speaks to a bigger issue that is a huge problem I think in today’s world. You see Bruce has always been an outspoken guy. In this super PC hyper sensitive world we are in where everyone is looking to pounce over an opinion or wrong choice of words I like people that speak their mind even if I don’t agree with it. I am a fan of Bill O’Reily and Bill Maher. Don’t agree with all that they both say but damn it is nice these days to have at least some people that aren’t afraid to say what they feel and not give answers from some pre prepped PR rep one sheet! It always amazes me when people hammer me non stop for my opinion on an album or band on Twitter and then when I give it honestly they start the hate campaign because it’s not the answer they wanted. Almost impossible to win these days. But honest opinions when asked are refreshing to me, even if I don’t agree with them. Doesn’t mean you hate the person or band or subject. It is just your opinion and if given in a respectful way everyone should be entitled to that. So as a result when anyone says anything remotely opinionated it gets blown up and becomes news, and I think that sucks. It will continue to discourage open dialogue and debate and make the media world we are in even more boring and predictable.

Along these same lines much debate about the announcement that Steel Panther will be opening act for Priest. Contrary to what many think I have no hate for Panther. I know the guys, nice people, talented, good at what they do. But what they do is parody. That can not be argued. Want proof? The bands albums chart on the comedy charts! It is an act that is a spoof on 80’s hard rock. It is stunning to me how many people don’t see that! They have had amazing success, especially in the UK and Europe. Good for them. They have worked hard to build this from their roots as a cover band playing weekly gigs in LA. But I will admit for me I would have much rather seen Priest take a “traditional” metal band. A new or old band with the same real core commitment and values to metal they have had. Think of how many bands are out there that could use the help? Last tour Priest had BLS and Thin Lizzy. When so many bands are out there looking to package up it feels like a bit of a lost opportunity to give an hour slot to a band that for the most part goofs on a scene that Priest was not really a part of, but had a huge amount of success during. I’m going to see Priest regardless of who is opening, and I wish both bands well on the tour, but I do feel that there were so many bands that would have been a better fit and compliment to the metal Gods. It just feels like a disconnect for me to see icons like Priest taking what is basically the modern day Spinal Tap on tour.ย  I mean who knows how many tours they have left in them at this stage of the game? The up side? Maybe Halford comes out and jams a Fight song with Russ AKA Satchel during the Panther set!? “Nailed To The Gun” anyone?

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  • Bruce on

    Gotcha Eddie, and I appreciate your honesty and candor as always. I do agree with you that the people that feel they are the greatest metal band ever and are saving the genre are certainly misguided. I am in on the joke and chose to just enjoy the musicianship in lieu of the lyrics. I’m not easily offended and what they chose to sing about is fine with me. What appreciate about their music is the sound. I certainly know they are not the greatest band in the world. I hope I didn’t come off as attacking. I absolutely respect your opinion and I thank you for the clarifications. My point is simply that it’s another form of metal to enjoy in my opinion. You are right metal does need help. Thatโ€™s why I still pay for tickets and buy music. Once again thanks for what you do my friend…

  • Van Halen Guy on

    What are you on about? Commitment? Values? These guys have BUSTED their arses over the DECADES to make the metal music they love, be it together or individually. They are GENUINE metal fans and musicians and though they poke fun and have a laugh they truly ADORE the music and have the “real core values” and “commitment” to match anyone you care to name.

    To see them as just a spoof band is to to them (and yourself) a disservice. The excesses – hair, clothes, attitude of the 80s – that they poke fun at are the very things they LOVE! It’s as much HOMAGE as MOCKERY. I’m the biggest fan of the 80s there is but it’s ludicrous not to see the funny side of some of the era’s fashions and styles -just like we laughed at 50s brylcreem and 70s flares – and in a few years we’ll all be looking back and deriding the 2000s obsession with huge boots.

    So these guys love the whole 80s thing they send up. They love it but can still laugh at it. They’re the ultimate good time band – more so than Van Halen. That isn’t to say they are a better band – VH are iconic – but for 2 hours of beer, babes and belly laughs they are the best.

  • Lanny on

    Hey Eddie, a bit off topic. Do you know whether Ace owns the rights to his make up, and are the rumors true about him on his new cd cover in his make up true? If he does, do you think he will prevent KISS (tommy pretender Thayer) from using it anymore? Just wondering?

    • Dana on


      Maybe, I can help you out on this one. I believe both Ace and Peter sold the rights to their makeup to Gene and Paul many years ago.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bowser on

    id put Russ Parrish (Satchel of SP) up against ANY guitarist you could find Eddie. Satch is a fuckin monster on guitar.

    • Heather on

      Sounds like someone named Eddie is just jealous of how 14 years of hard work has payed off for 4 of the hottest and sweetest guys in Hollywood. Also, I agree with Bowser. Satchel can outplay anyone and look 20 times hotter doing it. Don’t be jealous Eddie, just try harder. I’m sure the guys in Steel Panther would be glad to give you some advice.

    • Eddie on

      I really hope you are 14 years old because that’s the mentality of this response. Another one who actually believes this as real and not a spoof and ignores all the positives I said. truly scary. Wow.

    • Dana on


      Are you being serious? While I admit that I know very little about Steel Panther, I have known Eddie for 13 years. I can attest that he is NOT a jealous person and I really don’t think he needs to take career advice from a band that is nothing more than a parody. Sheesh.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com ๐Ÿ™‚

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