Back from Vegas and San Jose late last night. Great trip hanging with Frank Dimino, Gregg Giuffria, Paul Crook, Zach Throne, Danny Koker, Ken Ciancimino and all my buds in Vegas! Even hung with Ace Frehley one night. We didn’t know each other would be there and I had a great night with him, Frank and Gregg that was like Casablanca Records 1975! Awesome!! Was cool to host Frank’s release party and also saw a mind blowing set from guitarist Stoney Curtis at Vamp’d.

Thanks also to Richard, Jimmy, Robert and Susie at Rockbar in San Jose for having me host the Demon Guitar Rockoff Saturday night. Was a fun night with many great players. Rockbar has become my W Coast home away from home and I appreciate the great hospitality they have there not just for me, but everyone. Really great club I hope you guys check out if in that area. Hope to be back soon for more stuff there.

Live on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation 6-10PM ET. David Coverdale checks in live. I am missing Rush at MSG to do my radio show! THAT’s how much I love my audience!! Haha. I hope to catch Rush at a road gig soon before the tour wraps. More here soon.

RIP Chris Squire. Another MASSIVE omission by the R&R HOF. Now if they ever get their heads out of their asses and induct Yes, Chris is gone because they chose to ignore this band for decades. Pathetic! I am not a massive Yes fan, but that’s not the point! Yes was incredibly influential and brilliant at what they did. Sad something called the Rock Hall STILL hasn’t recognized that and now a key member is gone. Kind of like Jon Lord and Purple who are still waiting.. Disgusting!

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  • AdRock18 on

    Thanks for the Chris Squire blurb, ET. Sometimes it amazes me that you’d rather listen to Faster Pussycat or Jackyl than the mighty Yes, but hey, that’s what music is all about. Preferences. RIP Chris.

  • Doug R. on

    R&RHOF, no Deep Purple, no Yes, that’s their loss, Chris Squire, brilliant bassist, that’s our loss. RIP Chris. Well, I’m off to see Rush tonight at MSG, if it is the last time, all I can say is, “Time Stand Still!”

    • Doug R. on

      WHAT A RUSH! One of the best times of my life, EVER! 🙂

    • MetalMania on

      Hell yes! I saw them in Boston last week, as usual a great show but the 2nd half may be the best half of a Rush set I’ve ever seen. Yes, they are my favorite band so perhaps I am biased, but because of that I’m also somewhat critical – I have high expectations of them. Honestly, they are still playing/sounding great. *If* this is the last time around for them, they can certainly say they went out in top form. Personally I do feel like this is probably the last tour (they’ve been careful to say “big” tour…), but not the last we will hear from Rush, and maybe not their last live performances.

    • Doug R. on

      Amen Metal! When you got it, you got it, and Rush still has it! I don’t see them “Losing It” for a long, long time! If this is the last tour, I’ll be more than happy to “Fly By Night” to see them play in Vegas, or wherever they might take up residence, I’d be there!

  • GaryGarrett Gentile on

    RIP Chris Squire! He will be missed! It’s hard for me to believe that YES and PURPLE are not in the R&R HOF. Something Wrong with that organization!
    Chris was one of the best Rock bass players I have ever heard. Extremely creative!

  • Medved on

    Saw Whitesnake last Friday night. Have to say I was disappointed with the show. Actually walked out early during the first encore. David Coverdale’s voice was terrible. For all the criticism Paul Stanley gets, David’s voice is just as bad. Also too many damn solos. I don’t care that guitar players can play a million notes a second or that the drummer can switch sticks in mid air. I want to hear music played, especially more of the hits. Fortunately I only lost $10 out of it.

  • Jason Falkinham on

    Saw Whitesnake last night…it was cold out, but Coverdale really struggled. It was an entertaining show, but they seemed to lose the crowd with the number of Purple songs. I thought the Purple stuff was great!

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