Thanks to Morgan Spurlock who sent me a bottle of fine scotch to toast the success of TMS. Big fan of Morgan’s work and it’s so cool to have the acknowledgement of major film and TV people that watch the show. Check out Morgan’s new show Inside Man on CNN. Great guy and hope to have him on the shows one day, but he’s quite busy with his own stuff these days for sure.


Spent some time at the Jersey shore this week. Love it down there and the recovery from the hurricane well under way. One day when I can afford it gotta buy a place there! It’s a side of my home state many don’t realize is so nice. Many memories for me.


LIVE radio show tonight on Q104.3 NYC from 11P-2A ET. Listen around the USA for free to the stream at www.q1043.com or use the free iheartradio app. Dave Mustaine calls in live at the half way point of the show. Live Trunk Nation this Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 with Jon Oliva of Savatage as the guest. Jon joins me 8P ET. ALL NEW That Metal Show this Saturday night at 11/10C with Dave Mustaine and Scott Rockenfield & Todd LaTorre of Queensryche. If you recall last season we heard from Geoff, now in giving equal time, the “other” Ryche responds. Their new album has just come out FYI.


Should have the cities for my book tour to post in a couple weeks. The initial 2 weeks after the 9/24 release will all be in book stores. Then I’ll do many more runs in other places as my schedule pernmits. I’ll also post the list of the 35 bands in Vol 2 here soon. Thanks to all who pre ordered at Amazon already! Yes signed copies of book 1 still available direct from me. Click the banner showing my new book on the home page for info. Unsigned copies anywhere books are sold.


Thanks all and have a great weekend!

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  • Dave Shamblin on

    Lol, it wouldn’t be TMS without an appearance by Dave Mustaine.

  • storminnorman on

    Can’t believe the in 2013 I get 2 Queensryche CDs in about 2 months. I have them both on my ipod shuffled together to see if I can figure out who is who. They both have great songs and rock. So glad that metal is still alive. But our community has to buy it up so the artists keep going!! Support the metal and hard rock.

  • Jace Nuzback on

    Not enough time with Scott and Todd. Maybe next time you can have on Whip and Ed and give them some quality time. Let them put Queensryche alblums in their order of favorites.

  • gerry on

    add the queensryche interview to the do over list eddie,it was terrible,n short.ask them why they recorded all that supposed Geoff tate crap over the years????seems as if whip,eddie,n scott,wrote that shit with Geoff??????n also,i don’t want to hear megadeth play slow,so dave,you said playing slow is really hard.try listening to that crap???????????????eddie,don,jim,you guys are slipping backwards,you bash metallicas lou lou,but not super collider???????????????????

  • rukh316 on

    Geoff has been using outside writers on the last few QR records Gerry. That was one of many reasons the band fired him. If Ed would have actually given equal time to the real Queensryche that he did to the Tater last year, more fans might have learned something about what’s been happening. He can add a Queensryche do-over to the Stone Sour do-over he owes people. After THAT lovely bit of tv, folks would barely know they had done House of Gold and Bones Parts 1 & 2,

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