Thanks to the guys in Accept for letting me premiere their video for “Stampede” from the new album Blind Rage on this site. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s right on the home page now. I’ve been listening to the album for a while and it is truly amazing how this band has been reborn with Mark Tornillo and the quality of the 3 albums that have made with him. Production, playing, vocals, songs, just classic Accept! Wolf Hoffman has to be one of metals most underrated guitarists. Hope you guys enjoy it and look forward to your comments. The band will be on my radio shows when schedules match up closer to the album release and the live date in NYC. There are more live dates TBA on the Fall also.

Hear new Accept as well as new Overkill and an interview with Tesla in my radio show this weekend. All outlets listed under live and on the air.

Ticket giveaways to local NYC area shows (and some times outside NYC) are now done on this site. Go to Live & On The Air tab and click ET Box Office for shows available and to register to enter. You will get an email a few days or so before each show if you are picked at random as a winner. Only enter for shows you truly want to attend. You can only win once every 30 days.

Live SiriusXM show this Monday 6-10P ET on Trunk Nation channel 39. Will represent both sides of my music world with Blitz of Overkill and Night Ranger in studio!

The Eddie Trunk Podcast launches 7/10… More soon.

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  • Gerry Giuliano on


    Agree 100% Wolf has been underated as a player.
    He is all around great player awesome riffs, melodic leads with flash and great songs!

    Thanks for posting the premier it seems you are the only person/site that showcases new music for this genre.
    Lots of great new music coming out from the bands we love .
    Thanks again!

  • James on

    Eddie, I gotta thank you for getting me back into Accept. They had fallen off my radar. They broke up, I think, around 1997 or so and I knew they had a brief reuniting in the mid 2000’s but I had more or less moved on. Then the plug Blood Of The Nations got on TMS got me interested again. So glad it did because that album knocked me on my ass! Long live the Tornillo era! And you’re so right: Wolf is incredible!
    Overkill, on the other hand, hasn’t left my radar since Taking Over came out. Thank you so much for spreading the word about them and being such vocal supporter of the band. It has driven me crazy that they’ve been so criminally overlooked throughout their career. They deserve to be recognized by the entire metal community as true legends of thrash. I haven’t stopped listening to The Electric Age since it came out, so I’m excited for new music finally.

    • Robbie on

      Without a doubt,thanks Eddie,from an old listener formerly from NJ now in Phoenix last 20 years.

  • Brad on

    Can’t wait for the new Accept album. I am probably going to get slammed for this, but I don’t care for the new Tesla album and I am a Tesla fan.

  • David C on

    So Eddie you finally come to NorCal…Sacramento no less and for your show no Tesla on the lineup? It’s only their hometown lol. I would come and see you, Don, and Jim at Thunder Valley but that show lineup is terrible…Living Colour as the headliner, Corey Taylor and Burn Halo? I know you don’t control the lineup but man, that’s harsh. Don’t expect much of a crowd outdoors in the 100 degree heat on the concrete parking lot that Thunder Valley uses as their outdoor venue.

    No thanks. Don’t let the bad lineup keep you from coming back.

    • Eddie on

      I have nothing to do with the event or venue. Simply asked to show up. I did not make the bill. Tesla FYI are not in town then

  • Kaz on

    Eddie, thanks for pushing Accept. They also fell of my radar and I believe you all gave a thumbs up to Stalingrad on TMS which I then went and got a copy. Mark Tornillo just brought new life back in to this band with his unique voice. Couple that with the amazing song writing and Wolf’s guitar riffs and it made me get Blood of the Nations. Looking forward to Stampede.

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