Pretty crazy couple days in Van Halen world. First yesterday my podcast with Sammy Hagar made world news when Sammy revealed VH are trying to prevent him from playing songs from his era of the bands history. This needs to be clarified some because many don’t get how this works in the music business. Nobody can stop anyone from playing any song live. That’s not the issue. The issue is when it comes to having that performance released on a platform such as a DVD or played on a TV show. That’s a different set of rights and all people involved in publishing must sign off. That’s what Sammy was talking about if you actually listen to my podcast with him. It is not an uncommon problem on bands that had issues. Slash and the Guns camp have had this battle in the past behind the scenes as well. Playing things live at a concert can’t be stopped, but if that material is televised, sold or used in films then there becomes legal stuff. Sam explained VH blocked him from playing those songs on Live At Darryl’s which is a TV show. Then the new shoe to drop happened today when a new interview with EVH came out. MANY interesting revelations in that and you can read it on the news on this site. It is not surprising to me at all that DLR and EVH are on different planets and not friends. They operate totally separate from each other. I think at this point VH realizes they need DLR and they just deal with it. Eddie also tool shots at Michael Anthony who took the high road. But Sammy fired back today in a major way on Youtube defending Michael his friend and bandmate. Some have said all this is for hype. I 100% disagree. I know Sammy well. He is a straight shooter, wears it on his sleeve, and tells it like it is. The timing of the EVH interview today and my podcast with Sam yesterday were not planned at all. In the end it’s sad to see this all unfold, but there is another side of me that likes how honest and transparent it is. In a world of PC garbage and carefully worded PR statements I love seeing raw unfiltered truth come out. I am a fan of all eras of VH. I do not know the VH camp at all. I do know Sammy and Mike fairly well. So I can only say they are two of the most fun, real, stand up good guys I have ever met in this business. That’s not me trying to take sides, it’s just my vantage point from what I have seen for years. Sammy was like that long before he was ever in VH. Who knows, maybe in this crazy world when the dust settles this clears things some and paves the way for a better relationship one day. But I doubt that will be the case. But Sammy 100% should play that material he was such a huge part of. It’s the only way you will ever hear it live and for many it is their version of VH just as much as the DLR era.

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  • Jason Falkinham on

    All everyone is doing is destroying EVH about this interview. It’s ok for Hagar to be honest, but not EVH? It’s been known forever that he’s not a fan of Anthony, and that he played a ton of bass on the records. Didn’t Sheehan just admit that EVH asked him to replace Anthony in 1980? EVH has sit back and listened to Hagar destroy him every chance he got…it’s about time he fired back. Don’t think for a second that part of the comments on Anthony weren’t made to get under Hagar’s skin, since they’re attached at the hip. But Spammy is so mad now…good for you, tough guy! As for the Roth stuff, I’m glad to hear it. A ton of brilliant frontmen/singers and their guitar players didn’t get along, and made timeless music…just like Dave and Ed. This upcoming tour is going to be brilliant…especially with the deep tracks that are being rehearsed.

    • Michael B on

      Oh come on. Eddie has been telling tall tales in his interviews for decades. He hasn’t listened to ANY new music since the mid 80’s? Why slag on Michael Anthony? They guy has never said a bad word about those guys in public. Is Anthony the type of player Sheehan is? No, but he’s a world class rock bass player.

      The problem isn’t that Sammy gets to say stuff and Edward doesn’t, it’s that one sounds factual, while the other sounds like fantasy. I’m glad people are standing for for Michael. The guy got a raw deal.

      Maybe it’s not that DLR doesn’t want to be friends with Ed, maybe it’s hard to be, and by the comments in Ed’s interviews, that’s pretty apparent.

    • Dwayne Cole on

      My opinion about Eddie disrespecting Mikey is he believes his son is more talented and doesn’t get the recognition for his playing and harmony vocals while Mike is so talked about for the great VH harmony singing.

  • James K. on

    I listened to the podcast yesterday and you are 100% correct by saying there’s no way Dave could sing Sammy’s songs. Another thing you said that’s 100% correct, and it was in the Michael Anthony podcast, is that the first four Van Halen albums are perfect. But what they did with Sammy was also incredible and it’s ludicrous that they are basically trying to erase that part of the band’s history. I am pissed at Edward Van Halen right now. Screw him and his album reissues, I’m not buying them just so he can make more money. And he’s just keeping Dave around for his own benefit and I wish Dave would grow a pair and tell Ed to go to Hell. I’ll support anything Sammy and Michael do. Ed’s a miserable person who hates everyone whose last name isn’t Van Halen. It’s upsetting me that a band I’ve loved my entire life and a guitarist who I worshipped to the point of trying to learn how to play every song on the first four VH albums has made me not give a damn about them now. I’ll always listen to the old albums but I have no interest in anything they are doing now or in the future.

    • James K. on

      I’ve had a chance to cool down some, listened to FAIR WARNING (My favorite Van Halen album), WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST. I can say it’s sad watching this unfold like it is. Michael Anthony is the one stuck in the middle and I feel so bad for him. Sammy speaks his mind and that’s great. Has he said stuff about Ed? Absolutely. Eddie Van Halen does it to. The difference is Michael Anthony is a nice dude who has shown nothing but loyalty to Van Halen and his friend Sammy and doesn’t deserve being treated like this and talked about by Ed like this. If it needs to turn into a Ed vs Sammy thing, then let that happen and leave Mike out of it. What was said about Mike is what pissed me off big time. I mean it made me EXTREMELY mad. Ed had no business embarrassing and disrespecting Mike like he did. It was a low blow and uncalled for.

      Of all the bands I grew up with, it’s sad this kind of stuff keeps happening . It’s Van Halen vs Sammy and Mike, it’s Gene and Paul vs Ace and Peter, it’s Axl vs Slash, it’s Bill vs Ozzy…It’s all ridiculous! Look how Dave Mustane and Metallica grew up and buried the hatchet. Look how Michael Schenker and Phil Mogg settled their problems and became friends again and that relationship actually came to fists being thrown on one side. Life is too short to start cutting people off who you once loved like family just out of spite and silly bickering. I hope that can happen with all these guys but it’s unlikely. And, like I said before, it’s sad.

    • Michael B on

      Band relationships are like a marriage, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, and even though people want to take the high road and be an adult, there’s always someone on the other side that drags you into the mud because they are immature and childish.

    • James K. on

      You’re right and the Van Halen marriage is made up of a couple that only stay together because of the child, which is the band. Ed knows if Dave’s gone, that’s probably it for the mighty VH. At this point, the only versions of the band fans will accept is either with Roth or Hagar and we know Sammy’s not coming back, not after all the crap that’s been flung around between him and Ed.

      Kudos for Michael Anthony for staying out of this mess because he cares about the Van Halen fans. That alone is a great example of what an awesome guy he is.

  • David C on

    I love Sammy, I’m from the Bay and live fairly close to the man up by Mill Valley. Have run into him a few times and he’s always been a good guy. He’s not shy at all, that’s for sure. His concerts are fantastic, I’ve seen him countless times. Hearing him do his Montrose stuff live is just unbelievable…still, even to this day. But in my mind, VH was just s–t when he was with them…I didn’t care for their sound at all. Didn’t like the songs…sorry, but I just didn’t. I much prefer him as a solo act. In my mind, VH was better when DLR was leading. Just my opinion.

    As far as the feud bullshit goes, who knows? EVH is one weird f–ker from what I can tell. How in the f–k did Valerie Bertinelli (who is my same age and who I had a huge crush on back in the day lol) ever manage to marry and stay with this guy for so long? I don’t know, but this bullshit with these bands is pretty easy to figure out as far as I’m concerned…you listen to the crap from each side, realize that their is both truth and bullshit coming from each camp, and in the end you put the CD on and just enjoy the music.

    And let them fight on.

    • Tre Billis on

      AMEN Dave C.

      Feel the same. Been a fan of solo Sammy. Been a fan of DLR VH. They are best that way.

      And all these people that get angry about what anyone says, get a life! The truth probably lies in the middle.

      You can not deny, out of Eddie, DLR, Alex, Michael, Wolfgang and Sammy, Sammy has been the loudest. Also, I agree with Eddie Trunk, let both sides talk. To me, it is refreshing. But, if Sammy wants to talk expect some ack from the others.

      Keep in mind people, even with the Beatles, Paul McCartney played other instruments. It is what a perfectionist does.

      But Michael deserves some blame too. I am surprised no one is talking about Eddie’s comments about Michael not calling him when he had cancer or when is mother died. My guess is the damage was already between the two, but stuff happened on both sides. In addition, maybe Eddie and Alex wanted to play with their family member.

      Just let it all go. Enjoy Van Halen and enjoy solo Sammy/Michael.

  • William Howerin on

    It’s interesting an somewhat humorous to me that Sammy is eager to get into it with EVH, while Joe Satriani, as good if not better guitarist than Eddie now, is asking if not begging to get Chickenfoot back together and he blows him off.

  • Bryan Terry on

    I was at the The Circle show in Dayton, Ohio last night. Sam dedicated Dreams to VH, although he didn’t mention them by name. Mikey was having a blast, as was the whole band! Just a good time, feel good show. Oh and Sam still has the pipes!! Amazing at 67. IMO, I think Ed is a bit jealous that Sam and Mike are out playing, just having a great time.

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