Getting some requests for signed copies of my books for Father’s Day gifts. I do have stock and all books ship Priority mail the next day. So if you get payment to me by next Tuesday can’t promise but will do my best to get them out in time. Just hit “Books” under media tab for order info and be sure to specify VOL 1 or 2 with your order. Thanks. Also be sure to check out the shirts and other items in my online merch store as possible gifts as well. Thanks again!

My podcast for the week goes up tomorrow and includes an interview with Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons. I have been a fan of these guys for a few years now and it was cool to hear Jay’s story. Truly one of the newer emerging rock bands making noise these days. Check it out free worldwide available starting tomorrow on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast. Also had a bunch of feedback about having Punky Meadows and Felix Robinson of Angel on my SiriusXM show this past Monday. In case you missed it I did post an in depth interview with Punky a few months ago as a podcast. Check the archives and grab it free. Good to see him making music again.

Speaking of Angel, I will be in Vegas 6/25 for the listening party for the new album from Angel singer Frank Dimino at Vamp’d. The album sounds great and was produced by my old friend Paul Crook of Anthrax/Meat Loaf fame. Hope to see you out at this if in that area. I’ll also be back at Rock Bar in San Jose 6/27 to judge a guitar shred battle.

Congrats to Armored Saint on their top 75 chart debut for their new album. Also check out the new Tremonti album. Killer and the drummer Garret Whitlock is a monster too!

Halestorm is playing the Central Park! Huge milestone for them. Good people and great to see for rock. Date is 10/3 and you can enter to win tix in ET’s Box Office on my site.

I don’t have any new TMS news yet, when I do I’ll post. In the meantime hope all my local friends come see me 6/20 at Blackthorne in Elmhurst NY. Will be a fun night!

Trixter in studio this Monday for my live SiriusXM show. More soon.

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  1. I am extremely excited to know that Frank Dominoes Pizza, Felix the Cat and Punky Brewster are making great music with Angle again!

  2. Rival sons is a good band, but I’m afraid if they haven’t caught fire by now than they probably won’t get much bigger. Acts like Guns and Roses is what we are looking for, I haven’t seen anything even close to getting that big, that fast. I would say a band we should be checking out is We Are Harlot, because it has the blend of the 80’s, 70’s and new rock that can get people from all generation excited.

    1. We are Harlot is ok, and definitely a band I would go see live (unlike Asking Alexandria which was more of my son’s music), but no where near the talent that Rival Sons has IMO (let alone GNR), and no where near the hard rock/blues sound that I really like in a rock band. Harlot seems more like a Nickelback, not that there is anything wrong with that, I am sure they would love to have those album sales, just not my favorite style of music. And Rival Sons has caught fire just not in the US for reason I really don’t understand. Jay explained some in the interview having to do with their label being overseas but I think it is just the US market today.

    2. @Craig …I would disagree with talent, there all talented, they record much different and lyrically different. Rival Sons reminds me of late 60’s early 70’s recordings which isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer a more modern approach to recording. I just want music to be fun again and exciting. But that is just me, again Rival Sons are fine band, no doubt.

  3. Eddie, you said in the podcast last week you’d like to know what concerts we are looking forward to this summer. As for me, although there’s a lot of shows I’m planning to go to the next 3-4 months, the shows I have to see no matter what are concerts by classic bands that I’m afraid that if I don’t go see them this time then it’ll be the last time they ever tour and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to see them this year. I’m talking about bands that have either eluded to maybe retiring soon or made statements that point to them close to calling it quits. I saw Rush last month, I’ll see Aerosmith this month and Judas Priest next month. I’m not as concerned about Aerosmith retiring as much as I am Rush and Judas Priest. When we all were teenagers, nobody thought about one day our favorite bands would be retiring. But, as you’ve said before, time stops for no one. I don’t want to think about a world where the bands I loved my entire life are not around anymore but the truth is nobody can go on forever. So, like at the Rush concert I recently saw, when I’m at a concert by one of these classic bands I’m gonna soak up every second of the experience in case that’s the last time I get to see them live. Then, I can at least have one more great memory of seeing my heroes rock.

  4. Eddie, can you give all of us some additional insight as to why musicians go away for such long periods of time and do not even attempt to do anything musically. Of course, I am referring to people like Punky Meadows. Here is a guy who, before even Angel, played in clubs for years to build his chops. He clearly loves playing live and has been on record for saying as much. You have to try awfully hard to go away for 30-35 years without a trace and not even go near a stage. This guy is made for the stage. It’s a shame because now he is 65 and a lot of time is lost for good. I know Punky doesn’t see it that way. Of course he looks great, but…missed opportunity. I know about the side businesses of his and being put off by the record industry, etc. It is interesting that now he is primed and psyched. Punky, wish you came back a little earlier, but very happy to know we haven’t seen the end of your performing days as we all thought up until recently. We’re all excited for you and really look forward to what sounds like an amazing rock album with elements of Angel’s diverse catalogue of musical styles. Good luck! I was there in March of ’78 when you toured with the Godz – talk about an interesting bill. You need to talk about that in interviews you do in the future! I know there has to be some good stories! WHO was responsible for putting THAT bill together??

    1. Sorry Richard, but no, the site won’t allow me to make that change. You need to reply directly to the story and then I can delete this one so there isn’t a duplicate post.

      D 🙂

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