Hope everyone had a great weekend. Just back from hosting this years M3 Festival in MD. Great weather, great crowd, great bands. It is so cool to see some of these bands get to play a big stage with a huge PA at M3. An event like this is pretty much the only time you get to see these bands at this level of sound and production and it’s so killer. Same deal as the cruise and other events I host. These are working gigs for me so I am in many directions and often don’t see more than a song or two from most acts and sometimes none at all. But everything I did see was really solid. The only band I was able to watch full on from the crowd was Europe because they closed and I had nowhere else to run off to. I LOVE their new album War Of Kings and like on the MOR Cruise they were great! Joey Tempest has been dedicating one of my favorite tracks from the album “Second Day” to me at all the shows which is really cool of him. I don’t know the band all that well but they clearly appreciate I’m one of the few embracing their new music at radio. Tragic more don’t listen objectively instead of just thinking “oh, it’s the Final Countdown band..”. Great stuff! Thanks to all I hung with at M3 and all who formed a massive line to meet me at my signing. Pictures on my Twitter if you followed @EddieTrunk

More great response to this weekends new That Metal Show with Mark Slaughter, Taime Downe, Andy Biersack and Mike Orlando. Another TMS variety pack and most fans loved it. Still can’t believe I forgot the drummer in Giuffria’s name! Haha! One more new one in our current season. We shoot the season finale tomorrow and you will see it this Saturday. Guests include Joe Elliott, Frankie Banali, Bobby Blitz and Billy Sheehan. It has been an awesome 12 episode TMS Season 14 loaded with variety and many first time guests. Sucks it is almost over. I wish we did it all year but not my call. The plan is a break over the Summer then more in the Fall. But as usual all decisions are with the network. When I know specifics I’ll of course let you all know.

Next appearance is this Saturday in Crest Hill IL with Michael Angelo Batio and many more bands. Come out for a night of live Stump The Trunk and more at Bada Brew. Tickets and VIP tix now on sale.

I’ll be live on SiriusXM 39 tonight 6-10P ET for TRUNKNation. Guests include Jeff Scott Soto, Billy Sheehan and Jay Buchanan from Rival Sons.

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  1. I have to give a huge thumbs down to Sirius for the horrific sound from the M3 fest. It was broadcast “live” over the weekend. But the sound was so bad that it was unlistenable. It sounded like someone was streaming the audio from their iPhone, to a tape recorder, then played back over the phone to some guy in a basement in New York and then sent to the satellite. I was so disappointed. I have bootlegs from the 70’s that sound better.

    Anyway, Eddie, bummed the season of TMS is over already. You really hit it out of the park this season. Thank you so much!!

  2. Another great M3 Festival, thanks for coming down to host. Also, thanks SO much for your pick of the week recommendation a few weeks ago, I bought a set of Earasers and they are the best earplugs I’ve ever used. I can’t thank you enough for turning me onto that, especially since the pavilion at M3 was so loud and poorly mixed at times this weekend. I love loud music as much as the next person, but when it is so loud and poorly mixed it kills great band performances (like LA Guns who were almost unlistenable, despite being one of my favorite bands). Still had a great time despite that, hope to see you again next year!

  3. Eddie,
    Loved the new episode. Andy Biersack comes across as just a great person. I have heard a few interviews with him and he knows his music and genuinely loves what he is doing. I love that you have given us a chance to know these young guys and catch up with a Legend like Mark Farner.
    question: During this weeks episode the promos for next weeks show had the name Robin Zander. Yet no mention of him in this column or at the end? Did he have to drop out, mix up? would have loved to have Zander and Joe Elliott on the same episode.
    Anyways keep it up man, love the show. Waiting for the day Michael Lee Smith, Joe Dube and Ritchie Ranno are your three guests

  4. Cool! KK picked British Steel over SFV, also cool that Eddie mentioned Point Of Entry, the “meat” in the middle of a great sandwich! 😉

    1. Doug, you described Point Of Entry perfectly: “it’s the “meat” in the middle of a great sandwich”. That’s one of the best things I’ve heard that album referred to as. I LOVE that album! It’s special to me. It gets over looked way too much but those of us that have really listened to it know how great it is.

      I personally think Screaming For Vengeance is better than British Steel, but I understand why KK picked British Steel. It’s the album that broke Judas Priest in America, so it’s special to him. But Screaming For Vengeance is the definitive Priest album in my opinion and my favorite of all time.

      Cheers bud!

    2. James, I LOVE SFV, “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ ” is my ABSOLUTE favorite song of all time! Not to get to “heavy” here, but that song saved my FN’ life! It’s not so much that I think British Steel is better than SFV, but it was the first JP album I bought with my own money. Of course I heard of JP before British Steel, thanks to my older brothers, and liked what I heard, but it was when I came home from the record store, put British Steel on the turntable that I really became a lifelong JP fan! From British Steel to DOTF JP was definitely “Riding On The Wind!” From ’80-’84 they were as big as anybody, and Point Of Entry was another BIG step on that ladder of success for the “Metal Gods!” And “Heading Out To The Highway” is my 2nd favorite JP song of all time! All hail the mighty Priest! Take care James, “Rock Hard, Ride Free!” 🙂

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