Jam packed SiriusXM show last night with Billy Sheehan and Jeff Scott Soto in studio, and live call ins from Jay Buchanan from Rival Sons and a surprise call in from Tom Keifer (Tom is in NYC ar BBs tonight). The 4 hours blew by and I thank all the guests and listeners.

Headed to NYC now for the final episode of season 14 of That Metal Show. Always a bittersweet day. It’s so much fun doing the shows, working with the crew, having all the great guests, and then it ends. Clean out your dressing room and break down the set and go into hiatus. This has happened 14 times and it sucks every time since I love doing the show so much. But budget dictates we can only do the show so many times a year and it is what it is. Of course if it was my call we would go every week! It’s been a phenomenal season 14 with more variety and first time guests than we have ever had as TMS continues to grow and evolve. One more new one to shoot today with Blitz from Overkill, Frankie Banali from Quiet Riot, Billy Sheehan and a pre recorded interview with Joe Elliott from Def Leppard that did not air previous. The word I am hearing as of now is more TMS in the Fall, but as usual all those decisions are with VH1. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for watching and enjoy our season finale this Saturday 9P ET on VH1C and the many repeats coming over the Summer.

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  1. This season went by quick! It’s been a great one! Let’s hope VH1 Classic gives a green light for season 15 this fall. Here’s some of my favorite highlights from season 14 so far broken down into three categories and three events per category:

    These events were funny:
    Marky Ramone walking out at the top of the show and having to be dragged away.
    Geddy Lee’s impression of Ace.
    Two words: Rudy Sarzo.

    These events were awesome:
    Michael Schenker and Kirk Hammett jamming.
    Nita Strauss
    Me picking a Throwdown topic (Blackout vs Love At First Sting)

    These events were disturbing:
    Mark Farner revealing how he got screwed over by Grand Funk.
    The flannel shirts.
    John Petrucci’s beard.

    Congratulations to you Eddie and also to Don, Jim, Jennifer and your crew on a great, groundbreaking season of TMS.

    1. Hey James, you probably already know by now, but Aerosmith is going to be in Hidalgo on June 30th, just thought I’d let you know just in case you hadn’t heard by now. And trust me when I tell you, I just seen them last summer, twice, and they’re just as awesome today as they’ve ever been! Everybody knows wine gets better with age, and so does Aerosmith!
      Emooooooooooooooooootioooooooooooooooooooooon! Cheers dude! 🙂

    2. Yep, I plan to go. I haven’t seen Areosmith live in a long time, so I’m definitely going. I’m going to see Rush in less than two weeks, then there’s Rocklahoma and then Judas Priest in July. I know you’re going to see AC/DC this summer. Enjoy it man, it will be EPIC! I wish they’d play closer to my area. I miss AC/DC live. I miss getting to see the ageless wonder Angus Young tearing it up on stage.

      It’s gonna be a great summer with all these classic bands out on tour, isn’t it? We’re all gonna need neckbraces from all the headbanging!

      Later dude.

    3. Hell yeah! I got Rush in June, Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla in July, and then check this out, Motley on August 12th, and the very next night, VH! And if I survive, AC/DC on August 26th, I’ll be on the “Highway To Hell” all summer! And “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be,” especially when you’re with AC/DC! Take care James, see ya next week, cheers! 🙂
      P.S., don’t forget to pack your neckbrace for Rocklahoma! 😉

  2. This season seemed more freewheeling and off the rails from the standpoint of the banter between the hosts and guests–and I like that a lot. I like it when Jim and Don go off with th zingers, and when things seem like they’re slightly out of control, leaving Eddie to pull things back together.

    I do wonder, if ET got his wish about every week, how he would find the time to do all the other stuff he does. Meantime, there’s no other show like TMS anywhere on TV, so it’s back to Counting Cars, Misfit Garage, and Ice Road Truckers. Party on!

  3. Can’t believe the seasons over already1 The solution come down to the Jersey shore and do a show at the Stone Pony. Summer’s almost here Let’s Party!

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