Hope everyone had a nice memorial weekend. Made it back from OK last night after another year hosting Rocklahoma. This year was a bit rough due to weather. Severe rain and storm were in the area most of the weekend and resulted in the cancellation of the headlining bands Saturday night (Volbeat and Linkin Park). I rode the storm out with Anthrax, who’s set I had to interrupt to clear the crowd (they did come back and finish) on their bus. Then Halestorm played, then the rest of Saturday had to be cancelled. Sunday happened on schedule but rain hampered the crowd turn out until later at night when it stopped and Tesla played to a fairly full house. This was the 9th year of Rocklahoma and the first time weather played this much of a role. There were storms in the past but nothing that actually prevented all bands from playing. The festival organizers wisely aired on the side of caution and did a smart thing cancelling Saturday night. Serious rain! That being said the fans were amazing and hung in there most of the weekend. And most of the bands I saw had fun with it and played well. Also saw some newer bands and bands I’d never seen live before like We Are Harlot, In This Moment, Breaking Benjamin and more. Best thing about festivals is not only seeing the bands you know and love, but also seeing bands you wouldn’t normally. Was also good to see old friends like Anthrax, Winery Dogs, Jake E Lee (new lineup sounds good), Queensryche, Tesla, Slayer, and more. So cool and grateful that all of these bands out there are watching TMS. Really amazing! Thanks to all that I met and see you next year for Rocklahoma’s 10th anniversary!

Home for a few days then headed to Vegas for Metal Meltdown this Friday, Show is this Saturday at The Hard Rock! Then live shows with Don & Jim in Portland, Seattle and San Jose. Please see the home page for info.

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  1. Hey Eddie, glad you made it through the bad weather and hope you have safe travels and a lot of fun in Vegas.

    Got my alumni email from the MOR cruise folks today about booking the East trip next year. We can’t do that one but I know you’ve said there is going to be a West cruise so looking forward to that one. Glad to see the MOR folks switched from MSC cruise line (who I thought was a bad match for rock/heavy metal fans) to NCL, which should be much better.

    Any news on dates for the West MOR cruise yet?

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