Leaving in a few hours for Tulsa to host Rocklahoma year 10! It’s pretty special to have been a part of something since it’s inception as I have been with this festival. My first trip there hosting it was back in 2007 when it debuted. I had never been to OK before and had no idea what to expect. It’s so very different from the NYC area I have lived in my whole life, but I truly love the change of pace. The first three years of this festival it was geared toward all 80’s. But by 2009 attendance dwindled greatly and in 2010 it relaunched to what it is today, a mix of many genres of rock and metal. In many ways Rocklahoma, along with Rock On The Range, was one of the first American rock festivals done on a consistent basis. Now of course there are many. I’ve hosted this event every year it’s happened except 2010 (due to Dio’s funeral at that time) and it’s always fun and always an adventure. The fans are super supportive of what I do as well and it’s always a blast to see everyone. See you out there in Pryor OK this weekend if going. If not I’ll try and send some tweets and maybe Periscope as well.

My exclusive podcast with all 5 members of Angel is now posted free at Itunes or www.PodcastOne.com . Just search for the Eddie Trunk Podcast. Don’t miss this reunion 35 years in the making as it takes place for the first time on my new podcast! Huge thanks to Ron Mancuso and Hideout Studios in Vegas for producing the interview and Victor James for his assistance. If you ever were an Angel fan this is a must listen!

My FM syndicated radio show (Eddie Trunk Rocks) is a Double Play Memorial Day Special. Two in a row from all your favorite hard rock and metal artists. Debuts this Friday 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Full list of stations under Live & On The Air. My SiriusXM show is pre recorded this Monday due to the holiday.

We are aware that some are still experiencing some glitches with this new website. Improvements are coming and it is still a bit of a work in progress. Thanks for bearing with us.

Wishing everyone a safe Memorial weekend while we remember all those that lost their lives in service to our country.

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  1. So, you got the Scorpions, who are pretty much done, I saw them in Vegas, they should just stay in Vegas. And Disturbed, who are probably still pretty potent live, then what else? An avalanche of cliches, this stuff is so worn out, the tattoeed babe tending the bar with the fishnets and black leather bra and attitude is a cliche…there’s nothing unique, or even cool about “heavy metal” now. This has been packaged, and repackaged, bought and spit out by conglomerates.

    Ram It Down is either the weakest Priest record, or the best damn thing they ever did, I am starting to go with the latter.

  2. You know rock is dead when you have some 9 to 5 guy spending five figures to jam on songs in a fantasy camp, remember when the commoners pretended to be gladiators? Rock, in the abstract, is dead.

  3. Doug, Airbourne is a complete joke, is that a comedy act? Seriously, a fourth rate AC?DC? they make Krokus look like Deep Purple.

    1. Sorry Shannon, but I beg to differ with that opinion.

      While I would agree they are derivative, at least their music is upbeat and catchy. To even suggest they are a comedy act is completely off the mark. If you want to discuss comedy, or parody bands, I suggest you look elsewhere, as there is one out there, that is blatantly obvious.

      Also, since they are both Australian bands, Airborne might resemble them the most, however, there are plenty of others groups who sound is influenced by AC/DC: Kix, Cinderella and Buckcherry, just a few who come to mind.

      Finally, while it is perfectly acceptable, and reasonable, to have an opinion, but to blatantly denigrate someone’s taste, is quite rude. I am sure there are plenty of Priest fans who might not agree with your assessment of Ram It Down.

    2. …moreover, influenced is one thing, but Airbourne sound like weekend warriors who just took their catalog and just mixed and matched their exact patterns..Too Young, Too Drunk, Too Whatever..I thought they were a parody of an actual band.

    3. Rob sings those lyrics on Ram It Down like his life depends on it, you actually start believing him, that there are actual monsters who roam as armor plated beasts, it’s such an interesting record melodically, they find hooks in unlikely places.

    4. Or John Sykes-LOL!

      Sorry, I guess his comments rubbed me the wrong way that particular day.

      I still stand by what I wrote, but if you caught me on any other day, I would have just rolled my eyes at what was written, and ignored it.

      D 🙂

    5. Especially Mr. Sykes just listen to Eddie’s Carmine Appice podcast
      Pulled out my Blue Murder CDs
      Won the first album at chance wheel at Seaside heights Boardwalk
      Loved so much bought it on CD next day

    6. Great hear that Charles 🙂 One of the most underrated and under appreciated, albums, imho.

      I just simply <3 John Sykes.

      D 🙂

    7. LOL! Can’t wait for the new album, whenever it comes out! And I’m sure our buddy Shannon can’t wait either, despite his comments up there, ^ I know he’s a fan! Come on Clown, get “Back On The Bottle” again, and “Live It Up!” 😉

  4. Ram it Down is overrated, in my opinion. Not their worst, certainly not their best. Just cause it got into the top 40 radio play at the time deosn’t make it so. Now, Stained Class and Vengeance , those have stood up to the test of time. Along with POE and so much more of their catalogue, fantastic stuff.

    1. Tasker,

      I have to agree wholeheartedly with you everything you wrote.

      In my opinion, Ram It Down, is not the worst, certainly not even close to the best. To me, they still had that automated sound left over from, Turbo.

      Screaming, is and always will be, my favorite album. A masterpiece, as far as I am concerned. Then I would also add British Steel, Sad Wings of Destiny and Hell Bent For Leather onto my top list.

      Although, I concur, Point of Entry, is an underrated, and often overlooked, album.

  5. I went to Rocklahoma last year and the weather sucked. I decided to not go this year and, with my luck, the weather will be good and the shows will go off without a hitch just because I’m not there! Lol! Compensation is Shiner Bock is on sale and I bought a ton of it, so I’ll be too busy with that anyway.

    Very cool podcast Eddie! I’ll admit, I’m not an Angel fan. But I really enjoyed the podcast.

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