David Lee Roth is confident Van Halen will record a new album and tour in the future, but he can’t say when.

Van Halen’s most recent album was 2012’s A Different Kind Of Truth, which was their first since reunited with Roth in 2007. They wrapped up a North American tour last year and have been quiet since. However, the frontman is sure there will be more to come from the band.

On The Roth Show, he said, “It’s not like my career path is going to get altered. I sort of know what the next 10 summers are going to bring – Eddie Van Halen aside, those are ups and downs.

I don’t know when we’re going to tour, but I have a sense that we will. I don’t know that we’re going to record again, when that’ll happen, but I have a sense that it’s gonna happen.”

Roth stirred rumours that he was ready to quit the band when he released a solo track this year called Ain’t No Christmas. It includes the lyrics “Quittin’ while you’re ahead ain’t quittin’, and I’m quittin’.”

Former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar said in March he was ready to reconnect with Eddie Van Halen.

additional source: Classic Rock magazine

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  • Bill F. on

    I still think that “A Different Kind of Truth” is a killer album, and I for one would pay to have the next iteration of that. I think for me, it’s all about Ed and his health. If he’s sober, it’s something to look forward to and enjoy. When he’s not, there’s better things to spend your time listening to.

    • Michael B on

      I thought, now listening to it 4 years later, that A Different Kind of Truth was a mediocre album overall. Ed and Al’s performances are great, but the songs are all pretty forgettable. Ranking the Roth era albums, it’s at the bottom. Besides Tattoo, which was a pretty bad song, and the Ice Cream Man 2,I can’t recall one song on the whole album.

      I’ve seen them twice now in these later tours, and both times Roth pretty much ruined a number of the songs. Yeah, I know Roth never was a phenomenal singer, but his voice has been gone since the late 90’s. Listen to the DLR band 1998 release with John 5 and Ray Luzier on the drums. Kick ass album, except for Dave’s voice.

      I’ve tried listening to the Roth shows on youtube, but I make it about 5 minutes before I can’t stand it anymore. More power to those that do.

      Honestly, sounds more like wishful thinking than anything else. I just wish Ed would get out and play more, I don’t care who sings.

    • Michael B on

      Also, I’ll add, that Ed’s playing is pretty conservative these days. I’d really like to hear the Sammy era songs live again as well. I was 14 when Roth left the band, so 5150 was the first VH record I connected with, then went back and discovered the Roth albums.

      I also wish they would have given Cherone a fair shake. I think they could have done something pretty cool if given the chance, beyond VHIII.

  • RTunes68 on

    I get that Van Halen does almost no PR, and that leaves a gaping vacuum for rumors to start, but the band’s fans on the internet are like conspiracy theorists. Rumors that Dave was quitting were started by lyrics in a song?!? By that logic, if Dave sings “You’re No Good,” does that mean he’s telling Ed how he feels about him??!? As for Sam Hagar, he claims he just wants to be friends w/ the Van Halen brothers, but constantly hints at wanting back into the band (he’s half the problem!). For fans with no patience for unfounded internet rumors or Sam Hagar’s grandiose pipe dreams, it’s nice to hear Dave give a little glimpse into the true state of the band.

  • Waverider on

    Comparing DLR to Sammy, for me it depends on studio or live. I think Dave is a more interesting lyicist than Sammy. Sammy’s songs are well-crafted but conventional compared to Dave’s, generally.

    Live it’s a whole Dfferent Kind of Truth- Sammy is a great live singer, and Dave has almost never been very good. 35 years ago, he had the looks, charm and charisma to compensate for his mediocre (and that’s putting it kindly) vocal performances. I thought he wasn’t bad on the 07 reunion tour, he sang the songs close to the recordings, looked sharp, and didn’t act like fool. Now his vocals have deteriorated again, and he’s presenting himself like a moron.

    If Eddie and Alex really want to give their fans the best, they should have the strength to tell both singers it’s both or nothing. Both bring their best to the studio, and the best songs make the album. On the tour, Dave would have to raise his game like he did in 07. I think Sammy would be up for it. He knows how to compete. And Mike plays on the Sammy stuff. But I know this is all dreamland, because the Van Halens don’t have the vision and motivation to achieve this. But it’s not like they’re achieving much with Roth, and it’s probably diminishing returns from here.

    One last point, in a 38-year career, Prince put out 39 studio albums under his own name, not to mention many more singles, hit songs written for other people, and whole albums for other artists. Plus 4 movies (okay, two of them were bad, but i digress). And that’s only what has been released so far. Now that’s using your gift. Van Halen has put out one album and a few other songs in the past 18 years. If the fans want better,maybe they should demand it by not paying for bullshit.

    • Joe Smith on

      Well put.

      Eddie is a musician that doesn’t make music anymore. No motivation whatsoever. I truly wonder WTF he does all day —- for months and years at a time.

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