Headed to Tulsa in a few hours for my annual trip to OK to once again host Rocklahoma. Been great to be a part of this event since it launched in 2007 and see how it has grown, evolved, and become bigger than ever with a wide mix of rock acts. In addition to the guys I have known forever that are on the bill, I always look forward to seeing and discovering new stuff I like at these events. I don’t get to see everything with my schedule but do my best. I am not doing a book event at Rocklahoma since my schedule is pretty busy with stage stuff, but if you see me around and have a book happy to sign it. Also there will be Eddie Trunk/Trunk Nation T Shirts and merch for sale at the same merch stands at the band stuff. Thanks to all for representing, really appreciate it. See you all this weekend if attending!

My newest radio affiliate in TN Rock 93.7 FM is doing a marathon of my radio show Memorial Day Monday from 8A-8P Central time. You can stream it free at: http://www.rock937online.com Crank it up and enjoy 12 straight hours of new and classic hard rock and metal! Thanks and welcome to Rock 93.7 FM!

Just added new shows with Skid Row, Sevendust, Tesla and California Breed to my NYC concert schedule. Listen to the Q104 show to win tickets to all. Info in the show listings.

Join me for a Reddit AMAA 3P ET tomorrow/Thursday. Info here: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/

More from OK. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk Have a safe Memorial holiday.

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  • doug r. on

    Hey Eddie, why do you think bands like UFO & Triumph never really made it big here in the states? just a game is 1 of my favorite albums ever, and I thought for sure after their performance at the us festival, Triumph was finally going to take off, but it never really happened, not like it should have or I though it would, any thoughts?

  • Mary Beth on

    Rocklahoma LOVES Eddie Trunk…. 8 years and going strong!

  • Kenny Baxter on

    Check out Siren. They play Saturday. Youngest band this year and one of two female fronted bands at the festival.

  • Geoff K on

    Hey Eddie
    I recently read something you wrote back in Oct 2013 that the killer melodic rock band Icon were going to be recording a new album with original vocalist Stephen Clifford back in the fold. Any recent updates on on that front. The debut and Night of the Crime are classics of the melodic rock (metal ?) genre.



  • Jim on

    Ed, thoughts on newer bands Sasquatch and Rival Sons, I think are incredible.

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