Back from a week in Vegas and Tulsa. Sorry for the lack of updates but I was running around pretty crazy and didn’t bother lugging my computer. Hope you all kept up via my Twitter and fan FB page.

Vegas was great as always. Saw Scorpions and Queensryche last Saturday at The Hard Rock. Scorps are hanging in there in their later years and sounded great. I especially loved the deep tracks and the 70’s medley! Mikkey Dee did a killer job filling in for James Kottak. Hope James is well and I am a fan of his for sure, but also happy for Mikkey who after Motorhead finds himself in a great band he is nailing it in. I’ll be seeing them again at Rocklahoma next weekend. Queensryche opened with a 40 minute set of the big songs and went down really well. Saw all the guys for a bit after in both bands and Scorps seem really happy and look like they will be sticking around for a while. After the show Scott Ian was DJing at Hard Rock and that was a blast and there were a ton of friends hanging.

I also did interviews with all of Twisted Sister and Angel for coming episodes of my podcast. Huge thanks to Ron Mancuso who let me use Hideout Studios in Vegas and engineered for me. For Angel is was literally the first time they had done an interview together, or even saw each other, in over 35 years! I know Angel is a band not everyone knows. But if you were a fan this was a truly amazing moment and I was honored they assembled for the interview and brought me to Vegas to present an award to them at Vegas Rocks. The photo I posted of Angel and I got some amazing response around the world because nobody thought they’d ever see them in the same room again!¬† For TS it may be one of their final interviews as a band since they are ending soon. So that was special as well given our history. Both will be coming to my podcast very soon.

Had a blast at Vegas Rocks Awards on Sunday where I presented to Angel and saw many fans and friends. Some great performances as well. Marq Torien and Bulletboys sounded really good as did Stephen Pearcy. Happy to report Stephen is sober and sounding better than he has in a long time. Good to see everyone there.

Wednesday I stopped off in Tulsa where I was part of a press conference to announce a show called Streets Gone Wild coming in September of 80’s acts on the street downtown. More on this soon. While in Tulsa I visited the legendary Cain’s Ballroom and got a tour. Amazing memorabilia and history!

Leaving in a couple hours for Ohio and Rock On The Range for the first time ever. I’ll be in the comedy tent with Don & Jim 7P tomorrow, doing our live show. Then live on SiriusXM 6-10P ET Monday (channel 39), then off to host Rocklahoma year 10 this Thursday for Memorial weekend!

Be sure to check out my latest podcast now up. The guest is Jason  Bonham (who I am hosting 6/8 at the Hard Rock in Hollywood FL) and more of a recap on Vegas as well. Jason is also the guest in my FM show debuting tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free!


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  1. What did you think of the way they did Hurricane? After the guitar solo, instead of going back into the final verse, with an elevated intensity, they just took it out completely and did this dopey audience sing a long of the chorus and ended it. Vegas: where the music comes to die, and Mikkey sounded like he was in his garage playing to the records, he mailed it in; I also sensed that there was a third guitarist behind the stage doing enhancements. Vegas: where the music comes to die.

    1. Hearing is one of the five senses, though there are additional senses, such as how to detect when someone doesn’t like you.

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