Like many, I woke up today to the tragic news that one of rocks all time great singers Chris Cornell was dead at 52. For decades when anyone would ask me about my favorite late 80’s/90’s bands I would often answer Soundgarden, and that was largely due to Chris’ voice. Even when we had a Rage vs Audioslave debate on TMS I was with Audioslave, again because of the vocals of Chris. He was a monster talent to say the least, and now gone far far too soon. I did not know Chris. I only interviewed him once about 10 years ago for TV on MSG Network. That was at The Beacon Theater in NYC. We had a great post show chat. Chris was doing two nights solo at The Beacon. After I left the dressing room after night one and wrapped the interview I told him the only thing I was bummed about was he didn’t do “Fell On Black Days”. A favorite of mine. Chris said he would put me on the guest list to come to the second show the next night, and if I showed up would do it for me. So I did show up the next night, and sure enough Chris stepped to the mic mid show and said “this is for a friend I met last night” and played the song. A great and lasting memory of his kindness and amazing talent. More recently I was honored when the band reached out to have me contribute a quote to the special edition of Badmotorfinger, and I was in talks to hopefully have them on my new Volume show to talk more in depth. I was most excited to see Chris and Soundgarden, as were many, next weekend at Rocklahoma which I host every year. Sadly that now won’t happen. RIP Chris and condolences to his friends, bandmates, family and many fans. My radio show today will be extended by an hour to celebrate Chris today. Join me live 1-4P EST on SiriusXM channel 106 Volume. Plenty of calls from fans and musicians to celebrate this great talent. Join us at 844-686-5863

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  1. Although you can call me crazy, I personally wasn’t a fan of his voice. He undoubtedly was a highly talented singer who obviously touched the lives of millions based on record sales and the outpouring of emotions running rampant online. I just read that his death had been ruled “suicide by hanging.” Why? It makes no sense. I feel so badly for his wife and children as they surely don’t deserve the grief and heavy sadness that they must endure probably for the rest of their lives. I’m sure he will be celebrated as a hero by many but to me i can only feel sympathy for his family, bandmates, friends and fans. He took his own life which is totally against my personal beliefs and for that I cannot celebrate anything about Chris Cornell the individual. There is nothing heroic about this incredibly sad situation. Depression is a very serious disease which I suffer from. Perhaps Chris hid depression? People no matter how tough life gets, nothing is worth taking your own life. Talk to someone, see a dr, get medication and last but not least try to be positive! There is always someone somewhere who would love to have your problems over theirs.

  2. This is terrible and consider that now Eddie Vedder is the only grunge Era vocalist left. Cobain, Staley, Weiland and now Cornell. That was only 25 years ago that they got going. All the metal greats are in their sixties, these guys and Guns n Roses and BON JOVI are in their fifties and then that’s it. Sure there are some good younger guys but in perspective this tragic loss eliminates SOUNDGARDEN and AUDIOSLAVE from future endeavors. As far what exactly happened and what this man was feeling is between him and his family and his beliefs. REST IN PEACE AND GOD BLESS. SUPERUNKNOWN ( the song ) and ORIGINAL FIRE are my favorites.

  3. I finally got to see Soundgarden for the first time 2 weeks ago at Carolina Rebellion and they were fantastic. Chris sounded amazing and Pam and I had the best time of the weekend during their set.
    Like everyone else, we had no idea that less than two weeks later he would be gone. This is a hard one to process and as a huge fan of his, is very painful.
    The guy’s voice was almost super human, and his songwriting has been so deep, inspirational, and touching on an emotional level like few others ever.
    We will never know exactly what was going through his head the other night, and that is such a shame, but even if we did it would change nothing. Just wish someone in his inner circle had maybe seen or heard signs that he was troubled enough to end things this way.
    Make sure the people you love know you are always there for them and love them.
    RIP Chris.
    Thoughts and prayers for his family, band mates, friends, and fans everywhere mourning his passing.

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