Massive thanks to the guys in Metallica for a truly special night last Sunday in NJ. Took my 9 year old son to his first metal show and they could not have been nicer. Amazing seats, he met the guys and took photos, got sticks from Lars, just amazingly cool. I appreciate my long history and friendship with these guys, they never forgot where they came from and the people that were there for them when nobody cared. They are still fans and those people even though they are one of the biggest bands on the planet. And they are still amazing! 2 1/2 hours, maybe the best they have ever been. Do not miss this show! Also special thanks to Frank Munoz for his tremendous hospitality.

TrunkNation off to another huge week. M Shadows was in yesterday, today Rival Sons (who also played 2 songs live). Rival Sons the best newer band out there, and Jay Buchanan is the best singer in rock today. Just amazing. Big things coming for these guys I know!  Tomorrow Mikkey Dee, Ann Wilson & Chad Smith! All shows LIVE 2-4P ET on SiriusXM 106, and they replay 9-11P ET, and then On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Hope you guys are enjoying the daily rock talk on Volume.

By popular demand my recent interview with Michael Anthony will be my new free podcast posting this Thursday.

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  1. I love Rival Sons too! Buchanan is amazing, their whole band is amazing. I bet Myles Kennedy would have something to say about who is the best rock vocalist. Glenn Hughes?

  2. You have to get the Struts on…they are, imo, the best new rock band out there. Their shows are just insane! The Stones, Motley and Gn’R have had them open for them in the last few years.

  3. Totally agree on Rival Sons. Incredible musicians. Definitely on my must see list. I’d like to cast another vote for another new band that’s definitely one of my favs. Inglorius. Great singer, great playing, and they are very much in the same vein of the classic rock and metal bands I grew up loving. They have a sound very much influenced by Deep Purple, Rainbow, Dio, maybe earlier Whitesnake. Can’t wait for their new record to drop. Another band I love that’s been around for a bit is Dead Daisies. Saw them open for Kiss last summer and was blown away. One of the best live bands I’ve seen in a while. John Corabi was spot on and Brian Tiche is a monster drummer. I wanted another hour of them. People need to start giving these newer bands some love our heroes days are definitely numbered.

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