Had a great few days with Rob Halford & Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest. Rob called into my Q104 show last Friday (you can hear this on all affiliate stations this weekend and On Demand on this site for All Access site members), Rob & Richie were in studio on SiriusXM show Monday, and last night I hosted a screening of the Epitaph concert film in NYC. The screening was fun and it was cool to see a 2 hour plus set of classic Priest on the big screen with other metal fans. Rob & Richie were also there to help intro the film. As many have noticed, and as we discussed on air, Halford was in a wheelchair and has been having an issue with a nerve causing him great back pain. He was actually wheeled into my studio Monday through Times Sq by Richie! Imagine the site of the Metal God being wheeled through Times Sq! Rob had a great sense of humor about it even though he is in considerable pain at the moment. He is flying back to the UK today where he will have a procedure to correct the problem. Epitaph comes out on DVD May 28th. It truly is a great concert set and is 100% real and live, a true rarity for live concert DVDs. It is also the first release to include Faulkner who replaced KK Downing. Of course any Priest fan will always miss KK, who was a founding member of the band, but I must say Priest could not have found a better guy to fill the role. He does the KK stuff faithfully but also adds a little of his own flair as you will see on the DVD. It really is powerful stuff. Priest are well into a new album (which I kind of found out exclusively on my radio interview will likely be produced by the legendary Tom Allom) set to come out late this year or next year, followed by some live dates. Be sure to seek out my two interviews with the guys for more details. Also I will have an exclusive short video interview with them from the theater screening posted here soon.

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  • Gerry on

    I was at the priest movie in the city last nite…which was great by the way

    Did I smell pot in the theater or was the movie so life like?

  • Tyler on

    I went to the Epitaph show in San Diego and it was awesome! I had never seen JP before and it was epic, especially seeing it with my dad who’s been a lifelong Priest fan. Richie Faulkner was so amazing too, I really loved his style and his playing was so great! He even threw in a couple of Zakk Wylde licks in his solo, which was killer as well. I can’t wait to pick up the blu ray!

  • doug on

    I took a half day off work to see the “movie” I thought it was great but not nearly LOUD enough!! I guess i’ll have to purchase the dvd and run my sound system to feel the show. The only speakers working were in the front of the theater . I could see speakers all the the way around but none of them were on. It’s “Heavy Fucking Metal” crank it up!!

    • Eddie on

      I agree it could have been better sound, but the DVD sounds great

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