After a more than 2 month delay due to the pandemic the next Trunk Nation Top 20 is here! The long awaited Judas Priest Top 20 debuts TODAY on SiriusXM Volume 106. Hear it debut 2-4P ET and replay 10-Mid ET today. Or listen FREE on the SiriusXM app. If you aren’t already a subscriber get the free listening at www.siriusxm.us/eddietrunksxm . Today my 20, tomorrow call in your lists live 2-4P ET. I delayed this airing of this show because I wanted to be back to live programming so I can have you all involved on the phones. So polish up the lists, hear mine today, I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

There has been a technical issue this week with my latest podcast with David Coverdale off of the Apple Podcasts app. Some haven’t seen it load. If you don’t we are working on it. In the meantime just grab it at www.podcastone.com . Just search my name. Thanks. This Thursday Klaus Meine of Scorpions and Jack Russell are my guests on the podcast.

Special event with Alice Cooper coming, details soon.

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  1. Here’s mine
    Judas Priest Top 20
    20 Turbo Lover
    19 Better By You,Better Than Me
    18 Halls of Valhalla
    17 Victims of Change
    16 Hot Rockin’
    15 Firepower
    14 Beyond the Realms of Death
    13 Love Bites
    12 Locked In
    11 Painkiller
    10 Distant Aggressor
    09 Judas Rising
    08 Some Heads are Gonna Roll
    07 Living After Midnight
    06 Desert Plains
    05 Hellbent fo Leather
    04 Heading out on the Highway
    03 Metal God
    02 Breaking the Law
    01 Parental Guidance

    I have a lot of “Point of Entry” because it was my first album, you can say my point of entry for Judas Priest, and I explored from there. “Parental Guidance” came out when I was living at home during collage, and my parents tried to run my life, so I played this dong blasting for a week straight till they got the hint. There was a lot of deep cuts I could of put on, but to be honest I can’t really do a top song under 20 because the usual released hits make the cut.

    1. This would be an impossible task for me, as this is my favorite band and LOVE far too many songs. That being “said,” “Victim of Changes,” “Bloodstone” (probably most of “Screaming for Vengeance” “Delivering The Goods,” “Desert Plains,” etc. would be on there.

  2. I didn’t catch Eddie’s show till he was half way through his list, and I totally forgot about “A Touch of Evil.”

    I would have replaced some of the “Turbo” entries save “Parental Guidance” next time Next time I do a top 20 I’m gonna get a good Lorien in before choosing

  3. Ed drew a few songs from live albums I only have Unleashed in the East and Priest live from 87 I really don’t favor live songs from original save for a few Cheap Trick Want you to want me and a Pat Benatar We live for love of her Live from Earth

  4. Never found my list, but I’m pretty sure I remembered my JPT20 anyway!

    20. Out In The Cold
    19. Rock Forever
    18. Rock Hard Ride Free
    17. Turning Circles
    16. Riding On The Wind
    15. You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise
    14. Solar Angels
    13. Hot Rockin’
    12. Tyrant
    11. Bloodstone
    10. Freewheel Burning
    9. Hell Bent For Leather
    8. Desert Plains
    7. The Hellion/Electric Eye
    6. Breaking The Law
    5. Living After Midnight
    4. Victim Of Changes
    3. Metal Gods
    2. Heading Out To The Highway
    1. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

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