Eddie Trunk’s Top 20 Judas Priest songs have been revealed, and here they are:

1: Victim Of Changes (Live/Unleashed)
2: Beyond The Realms Of Death
3: Metal Gods
4: Sinner (Live/Unleashed)
5: Painkiller
6: Hellion/Electric Eye
7: Exciter (Live version) 
8: Delivering The Goods
9: Bloodstone
10: Freewheel Burning
11: Riding On The Wind
12: The Rage
13: Devils Child
14: Heading Out To The Highway
15: Judas Rising
16: Solar Angels
17: The Ripper (Live/Unleashed)
18: Rapid Fire
19: A Touch Of Evil
20: Desert Plains

Eddie’s show will re-air this evening (May 26th) at 10-Mid ET on Sirius/XM’s Volume channel or On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Additionally,  fans can call in their lists live 2P ET tomorrow (May 27th).

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  • T on

    The fact that The Ripper and Hellion/Electric Eye are on this list pleases me. Two of my favorites, and we used to play these songs at the local “battle of the bands” back in the day. JP really knows how to make 2 guitars work together well imho.

  • Tiny Music on

    Saw Priest in concert one time only in my life.
    1986 “Fuel for Life Tour”…Dokken opened.
    Indeed it was the tour for the “Turbo” album, an often maligned and unfairly rejected Priest release.
    That album is extremely dated, poorly produced and over processed.
    But the tunes are solid and that concert was AMAZING.
    1986 Priest was badass.

    • Dana on

      Glad you enjoyed it, I heard it was a good tour, but I boycotted it, on principle. I even found their image, during that era, unfortunate. 😉

      I did see the Ram It Down tour, which was also a very weak record, however, they performed Beyond The Realms of Death. My boyfriend at the time, Marc, turned to me when they started to play the first chords, and said, “They are breaking up.” I looked at him like he was crazy and said. “Why do you say that?” He replied, “This is my favorite song, and they never play it live.” Sure enough, one album later, Rob left the band.

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