Eddie Trunk’s Top 20 Judas Priest songs have been revealed, and here they are:

1: Victim Of Changes (Live/Unleashed)
2: Beyond The Realms Of Death
3: Metal Gods
4: Sinner (Live/Unleashed)
5: Painkiller
6: Hellion/Electric Eye
7: Exciter (Live version) 
8: Delivering The Goods
9: Bloodstone
10: Freewheel Burning
11: Riding On The Wind
12: The Rage
13: Devils Child
14: Heading Out To The Highway
15: Judas Rising
16: Solar Angels
17: The Ripper (Live/Unleashed)
18: Rapid Fire
19: A Touch Of Evil
20: Desert Plains

Eddie’s show will re-air this evening (May 26th) at 10-Mid ET on Sirius/XM’s Volume channel or On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Additionally,  fans can call in their lists live 2P ET tomorrow (May 27th).

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  • louis0103 on

    Great list Eddie! The one surprise is no “The Sentinel”. That is certainly in my top 5. Thanks for sharing and here is to more Priest music! Get them in the Hall of Fame!!

  • Rattlehead on

    Every live version of the Priest songs on the Unleased in the East album would make my top 20, easy. Add in Painkiller, Steeler, Freewheel Burning, Screaming for Vengeance, Solar Angels, and Dissident Aggressor, Killing Machine, and Rapid Fire.

    I know Black Sabbath has often been recognized as the first heavy metal band, but I think Judas Priest was the first heavy metal band. I just find Priest’s music to be much harder edged than Sabbath, whose music was deeply rooted in the blues.

  • Michael Minutaglio on

    Not enough from Defenders of the Faith. That is my favorite Priest album. Not one bad song, no fillers. Love Bites, Eat Me Alive, Some Heads are Gonna Roll are the standouts.

    Would also include the following:
    Living After Midnight
    Dissident Aggressor
    Turbo Lover

    • Dana on

      I don’t know what it is with Turbo Lover…Oy…LOL!

      FYI, Defenders was my first rock concert experience ever, and that is the infamous one, where the fans destroyed all the seats at Madison Square Garden, getting Priest banned for life.

    • Doug R. on

      It took some time, but after a while Turbo grew on me, like a rash, or a fungus, and now I just can’t get rid of it!! – Turbo!! 😉 LOL!!!
      My faves from the album ~ Out In The Cold, Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days, Locked In, Private Property, and of course, Turbo Lover. 🙂

  • Charles Clinchot on

    A lot of my list I would change. The next list I’m gonna go through the catalogue extensively before I make it.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Dana now I think there’s a lot of songs I could of replaced Turbo Lover, or any other Turbo song, save Parental Guidance. I’m sure Eddie would rip into me for that one.
    Was gonna call yesterday, good thing I didn’t. I was working today, so I missed today’s Trunk Nation. I totally forgot Solar Angels. At least, I didn’t add Jonny B Good.

    • Dana on

      Yes, Charles, thank God you didn’t. LOL!

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