Back from another great trip to New Orleans and covering and learning about another massive music fest in it’s 49th year Jazzfest. Can’t wait for you guys to see this new TV show I am hosting covering music fests called TrunkFest when it premieres 7/1 on AXS TV. 2 more to shoot before we wrap season 1!

Had a great chat with Sully Erna today. New Godsmack sounds killer. Look forward to seeing them when i host Rocklahoma in a few weeks. Hear it now On Demand and soon on my podcast. Jonathan Cain is my guest on TrunkNation this Thursday on Volume. Friday I broadcast from M3 in Maryland which I also host this weekend. Sunday I am in Encino CA to host The Ride For Ronnie for the Dio Cancer Fund, then in LA for radio week of 5/7.

My podcast posting Thursday will be my recent interview with Lenny Kravitz.

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  • Doug R. on

    I just saw Godsmack on Saturday at the Fort Rock Festival. Sully is amazing, not too many musicians can play the guitar and the drums as equally as good as Sully! Loved the whole show, but once again the highlight was the drum solo battle between Sully and Shannon! It’s always great to see dueling guitarists, but there’s something really cool about seeing dueling drummers!!

  • Karen troupe on

    Hello Mr. Trunk have been a fan of yours for years and miss you and Mr. Floritine in that metal show. My question is do you intend to ask Mr. Cain about this YouTube guy named spurria about his comments on you and Mr. Cain

  • Karen troupe on

    And have you heard anything more on rockebfield

  • Karen troupe on

    Keep up the great work

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