Guns n’ Roses officially kicked off their reunion last night here in Vegas at the all new beautiful T Mobile arena. Guns the second band ever to play the newest Vegas venue. Locals The Killers opened it earlier in the week. I spent a bunch of time outside the building before the show. I wanted to soak up the old school vibe of people partying and getting pumped for a show. And it really was like that. Of course it’s Vegas so there is booze everywhere and a good time at every turn, perfect for GnR! Tickets had doors at 8, Alice In Chains at 9:30. AIC hit at 10 and went till 11. Guns went on at Midnight and played until after 2A. Not an empty seat to be found in the building!

As many know Axl broke his foot last week and was forced to play the entire show seated. Tough to imagine a front man like Axl who is known for working a stage restricted like that, but I gotta say he pulled it off as best as he could. He used the actual chair Dave Grohl used when he broke his leg (when I went backstage after the show I saw Dave, he was there, and told him he should trademark it!). Axl would hop off from time to time but for the most part rocked it seated on his Grohl throne or at the piano for a few songs. It was different but he actually made it work and the crowd was supportive. He will likely be in this cast through Coachella as well. He sang maybe the best he has in ages! Maybe not running around gave him more steam? Because he nailed every song!

Richard Fortus, Dizzy Reed, and Frank Ferrer were in top form. These guys have been part of the GnR family for a while and it was cool to see them on stage with Duff, Slash and Axl. It seemed like a great fit all the way around. The new keyboard player (Melissa, sorry forgot last name) also did a nice job. Will we see Izzy and or Adler at some point in all of this? It wouldn’t surprise me at all, and I hope we do. But this entire thing is clearly built around the reunion of Slash, Duff and Axl and seeing them all together and playing these songs was at times surreal. Who would have ever dreamed of seeing Slash and Axl smiling and rocking like no time had passed? Amazing! Honestly everyone played brilliantly, Axl sang so well, and there was true rock mania in the air. And if you are a fan of Guns or not that is a great thing for our music! I posted the set list on my Twitter as well as a bunch of photos. The set will change from show to show some. The stage set will also be different for the stadium run. If anyone tries to tell you rock is dead, they are clueless.. what happened last night in Vegas was epic and proved it is more than alive and well when played so well by bands and lineups people want to see.

I spent time talking with just about everyone in the band. Including chatting with Axl for a bit early early this morning (photos on my social media pages). We had a great talk and discussed some things I can’t share for now.. But he did tell me he would like to do another interview with me soon. Having had him on my radio show and TV show I appreciate his offer greatly and when he’s ready there is much to cover! I’ll let you know about that. A huge thanks to all the Guns members and their camps. Especially Duff (who gave me killer seats) and Slash. I might try and hit some of show 2 tonight in Vegas. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for me. and if in Vegas now come meet me at Franklin Lounge in Delano 4-6PM today!

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  • Reuben Garcia on

    Eddie, without you the Rock and Metal world would have no clue.
    Thank you so much.
    Aloha from Maui

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