Super busy week just wrapped up with a great trip to Toronto and killer interviews with Bob Ezrin and Triumph. If you missed these shows grab them now On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Some great stuff! Thanks to all at SiriusXM Canada for the support. Was a great visit to Toronto and hope to be back soon (I spoke in detail on the radio show about much of this). I’ll podcast the Ezrin and Triumph interview soon as well.

New podcast now up with Phil Campbell, John Bush and Jack Blades.

FM radio show debuts tonight on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston 11P ET. Mastodon is the guest.

Sorry for the brief update, super busy catching up on stuff. My Twitter is a good way to keep up more.. thanks

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  1. Eddie
    Since I don’t do twitter I want to chime in on the one band I would like to see inducted. That band would be Thin Lizzy. I saw them open for Queen at MSG in 1977 and was blown away Phil was a great songwriter and Singer AND bass player. Scott Gorham is so underrated as is Gary Moore and Brian Robertson. I have to also mention Free and Bad Company because I can’t believe Paul Rodgers is not even i the Conversation. Thanks for listening and flying the flag for real Rock n Roll.

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