Just back from a busy weekend in the Pacific NW with Don & Jim doing our live stage show. These are so much fun and it’s been great to meet so many TMS fans as well as fans of my radio shows. We each do 20 minutes on stage of stories and comedy, then a Q&A with the audience, then a little live trivia with prizes. Usually bands play when we are done. Saturday in Seattle we had a sold out crowd 700 strong at Studio 7. Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren of Queensryche jumped on stage with us for some Q&A as well. They said the name decision with the two bands is very close to being announced. Last night was another great gig in Portland at Tonic Lounge. Smaller club but also a great turn out and tons of fun with some cool local live acts after we left the stage. Thanks to all who came to these gigs. We have more being added based on our schedule. They are listed on the home page under Appearances as they are confirmed. Remember NONE are TMS tapings. Special thanks to promoter Tony Lopez for taking good care of this on this latest run. Next up, this weekend, we come to Mexico City and Puebla! Mexican fans so supportive of TMS so can’t wait. Dates on the home page.


Tons of pro photos will be posted soon from my recent hosting of the MOR Cruise. Some already on the site in news.


Thoughts and prayers to my friend and guitarist Karl Cochran. Karl is an old bud from NJ and a talented musician who has worked with Ace Frehley, Joe Lynn Turner and many more. Was stunned to hear the news he was stricken with a serious stroke. Get well Karl!


Thanks to all for the kind words about the season finale of TMS last night. That was the last of our 12 episode new season and many felt it was one of our best seasons yet. VH1 Classic decides when and where we do season 14. Likely not until the Fall from what I am hearing with location and details TBA. I’ll keep you all posted. Most of the Spring and Summer will be a reshuffle of many repeats so a good chance to catch shows you may have missed. Thanks to all our great guests for being on and all of you guys for watching. Can’t wait to start again but VH1C makes all the calls as to when. Also please note I do NOT control where the show airs outside the USA and how it can be accessed online. I also have nothing to do with TMS merch. Please see the merch I do have for sale on this site, including the all new just released “That Eddie Trunk/ Stump This” shirt!


I will be live on SiriusXM tomorrow 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation). Ace Frehley will be in studio around 6:15PM ET. MUCH has gone on around Kiss and the HOF induction which is this Thursday. We will get into all of it. So much has been said from so many sides last couple months. Sucks as Kiss fans waiting so long for this not only are we getting no performance but the sniping has really been pretty brutal. Today’s NY Post story with Paul the latest example (in the News section). Not sure any band has gone into the HOF with this much drama before. Hopefully at least for a few minutes they can stand at the podium and make their speeches and then be done with this. It has certainly not been the celebration Kiss fans have hoped for fighting to finally see this day. More to come no doubt and we will discuss with Ace and let you speak with him as well tomorrow on Eddie Trunk LIVE TrunkNation!


Have some cool new announcements coming for more upcoming gigs and hosting events. Keep an eye on this space, Twitter and the Appearance section.


Finally if you’d like to see Iced Earth in NYC at Best Buy Theater 4/18 email me through the site with “Iced Earth Tickets” in the subject line. Include your name and address in the email. You will get a confirmation email if you are a winner. Please only send one email. YOU ARE ONLY A WINNER IF YOU GET AN EMAIL SAYING YOU ARE IN, OTHERWISE YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST. THANKS.

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  • Dennis on

    Loved the Starz shirt! Great season…keep them coming

    • Eddie on


  • Rory Bell on

    thats a real shit sandwich………right there

  • James on

    Hey Ed…

    I was curious if you knew why vh1 takes so long for new seasons now? I remember in the earlier days of the show they were usually one after the other. Anyways, I hope the show continues for a long time…I think they should stick with the classic bands though, I really didn’t like seeing Avenged Sevenfold & Sevendust on there…not cool. The Peter Criss episode was by far the best TMS episode ever though, that totally made up for it.

    • Eddie on

      For every person that wants classic bands, the next email is someone who wants newer. IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone so we create a balance. As for new episodes one reason, money. Thanks for watching

    • DC on

      Whether you like the new bands or not, they deserve to be on there. In order for a show like Eddie’s to stay alive, VH1C is going to want to see ratings. If you ignore HUGE bands like A7X (they’re OK, IMO) then you’re being a stupid businessman. Eddie knows that, I’m sure. And, frankly, we should support the younger bands. Priest, Scorps, Maiden, etc are all getting into retirement age. Then what?

      Speaking of new, Eddie, any chance I can still get you to play some Teramaze on tonight’s show??

    • James on

      I understand that sometimes you do what you’ve got to do to get ratings. As for supporting newer bands I’m fine with that, it would just be nice if the newer bands that got the exposure were the newer bands that are actually playing real Metal…like the bands from Europe in the death/black/power metal genres. Real Metal has no chance of survival if the only newer bands that ever get exposure in this country are the pop/commercial stuff like Avenged.

    • Jason Kentros on

      If TMS is VH1’s longest running program, why aren’t they putting more focus and money into it? Who’s running that place, Krusty the Clown?

  • richard on

    As a lifelong kiss fan I am embarrassed bout how this hof nonsense has gone down,these are men in their sixtys and they are acting like teenage girls,grow up guys,also if Paul states thate ace and peter are anti-semetic than why didn’t gene and paul do something bout it earlier,they were ok with as long as the money was pouring in,now he needs to put it out there to try to push his book,back in 1996 kiss was on the verge of being irrevelant until ace and peter rejoined the band,thats when ticket sales went beszerk,and they were selling out stadiums,i saw them 2 years earlier when they were playing smaller arenas where they were half empty,you didn’t hear any bashing of ace and peter for the couple years where ace and peter helped them sell out stadiums and larger arenas. Also is anyone else tired of hearing paul and gene keep saying that all they do is all for and about the fans,they had a chance to prove it by performing at the hof show.I cant wait till the hof show is over and maybe all this sniping will go away,but we all know this will never happen.Dont waste your time trying to email kissonline or genes and pauls website unless you plan to kiss their ass as they will not post any comments that doesn’t glorify them, I also didn’t know that tommy and eric were mutes,as we havnt heard anything from them regarding anything to do with kiss,thats rite they are employees of gene and paul and were told as employees to not say anything.

  • Mike N. on

    Wow, accusing someone of being a racist or bigot is pretty strong. You better have cold, hard evidence that someone is racist if you are going to accuse someone of that. This whole drama is absolutely sad. No other way to put it.

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