Thanks to all who came out to our live gig in NYC this past Wednesday at BB Kings. These live shows with Don and Jim (and on my own) have been a blast. So much fun talking with everyone and doing some live Stump The Trunk, which in a bar setting really goes off the rails! Next up for me a solo show at Crossroads in Garwood NJ April 10th. Music performances by Randy Jackson of Zebra (acoustic) and Edgar Cayce Band (some old friends that play awesome covers!). It will be a fun night, hope to see you there! All appearances on my home page. New ones will be announced very soon including the Iowa State Fair, Queens NY, and more. Don’t forget I will also be back in Largo FL on 4/16 to host Y&T at the Cultural Center. I’ll be in the lobby pre show selling and signing both books. Then on Monsters Cruise 4/18!

Eddie Trunk Rocks FM radio show is all new this weekend. Jay Jay French checks in to talk Twisted Sister and the loss of AJ Pero. Debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston and all affiliates over the weekend.

New podcast is up now with guest Doug Aldrich. Doug addresses recent comments by Dee Snider and more. Dee will respond and his interview posts next Thursday. As usual the podcast is free via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

All new That Metal Show tomorrow night with Max Cavalera, Billy Corgan & Chris Jericho. Plus Rich Ward on guitar. 9P ET VH1 Classic.

Live Monday on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation 6-10P ET.

Have a great Easter weekend for those that celebrate.

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  1. You said something about the upcoming September, right? Wasn’t really paying attention at 1st, but is there a metal-related event going on that month?

  2. A week and a half ago or so, I made a list of five Throwdown topics on a post that I thought would be cool and to my surprise one of them, BLACKOUT vs LOVE AT FIRST STING, was last night’s TMS Throwdown! I’m not saying they took one of my ideas, it could just be a coincidence. Either way, I just think it’s cool and I got a big kick out of it! What can I say other than great minds think alike! When the Throwdown topic was announced on the show last night, I almost spit out the beer I was drinking. Almost, that is. My dad would roll over in his grave if I ever wasted beer!

    1. I take ideas from you guys all the time. Although that one was mainly because I knew Corgan was a Scorps fan. Thanks

    2. The show was great. You are definitely hitting it out of the park this season with the diverse guest lists. Billy Corgan, Max Cavalera and Chris Jericho on the same show is yet another example of that. It’s interesting as well as entertaining when people from different musical backgrounds get together on the same show. And Jericho going down in flames on Stump The Trunk was a great highlight.

      Keep up the great work Eddie!

  3. I don’t know why Dee did these comments about Doug but it was nonsense. Doug apart from being a great player contributed a lot as a composer in the latest Whitesnake albums. Anyway Doug’s response to Dee’s comments was what you would expect from him. Really down to earth guy.

  4. Ed-
    LOVED last night’s show.
    The amount of time spent talking with the guys was perfect. Lots of insights and great stories.
    Stump the Trunk with Jericho losing his mind? Hilarious!
    Rich Ward? Dude blew it up! Going into the crowd was killer! Gotta have a repeat performance sometime!
    You and the guys just keep getting better!

  5. Probably been brought up before, but Jericho would be a good guest host on TMS. Do a Stump the Trunk and Jericho section, perhaps? But no Kick Axe questions. 🙂

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