More tragic music news in what has been a brutal 2016 with the shocking news Prince has passed away. Regardless of what music you are into it would be pretty hard to deny the incredible talent of this artist. As a performer, writer, producer, musician, he was simply one of the best. There were things about some of his music I really liked. Super underrated guitar player and he bridged so many genres. Just take a look at the many rock artists who were fans and the reactions on social media. His influence was massive and his output was incredible. I always wished he would have made a straight up rock record. Some of his songs had elements of rock just screaming to get out to me. Like I said, he walked many lines. And who knows, maybe he did make a rock record and it never came out? I can’t imagine what’s in his archives and hopefully we will find out soon. Another sad day for music fans. RIP Prince.

Just found out the Chiller show is this weekend in NJ at the Parsippany Sheraton. I’m going to have a spot in the music room selling and signing my books and maybe a shirt or two. Right now I plan on being there tomorrow (Friday) 5P-around 10P. I am not sure if I will make it yet Saturday or Sunday. Please keep an eye on my Twitter @EddieTrunk for changes, additions and updates. Thanks.

New podcast up now with Ace Frehley. Plus I talk Axl/AC/DC and more. Free on www.podcastone.com or Itunes now worldwide!

Thanks for dealing with the growing pains of the new site. Kinks getting all worked out and it will get better and smoother going forward. I also will start including FM playlists again soon in that section.

New appearances just added include Vegas Rocks Awards 5/15 and hosting Jason Bonham at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood FL 6/8. At Vegas Rock I’ll be presenting an award to Angel, appearing together for the first time in decades! I want to thank the guys for bringing me out to do this. An honor and can’t wait to see them all. By the way, if an Angel fan the coming Punky solo album is really good!

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  • Coredrum on

    Really bummed out about this…I saw him twice live and specifically the last time about 7 years ago was one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen…the man can flat loud sing and play a mean guitar…also a very generous and kind person from what I know…RIP Prince…

  • DR Is Live on

    Without a shadow of the doubt, the greatest entertainer period. As Eddie stated, an underrated guitar player to say the least. He crossed over every genre possible and did it better than most. Agreed on the rock record – I only wish he would’ve put out a complete rock album. But he wouldn’t pigeon hole himself that way. Of all the great artists and entertainers we’ve recently lost, this one is the biggest – yes bigger than Bowie and that says a lot. More importantly he fought the labels and won. He played by his rules only and took risks most artists would never have the balls to take. As over played as albums like Purple Rain and 1999 were way back in the day, the genius in all those songs is still overpowering. RIP to perhaps the most talented, all around artist and performer of all time.

  • Mark Ellis on

    Agreed, the solo on “Guitar Gently Weeps” was beyond epic. At first I discounted Prince, but his talent was so evident I ultimatly came into the fold. The film Purple Rain was a big part of why I got on the Prince bandwagon.

  • Stephanie Muue on

    It’s been a rough 2016 as we lost so many great artists from Bowie, Glenn Frey and now Prince and another great guitarist Lonnie Mack has died. It’s a really hard year for us music fans. On Prince, as a kid from Minnesota where I still live and grew up, Prince was my psyche. Like Springsteen was to NJ, Prince was to Minneapolis. He a very talented man and human being. There would never be another one like him. God bless him and his spirit.

    • chris saari on

      Yup Prince and then Lonnie Mack all within 24 hours! Damn this year is only 4 months Old and I’m ready for a reset!!
      I wasn’t into Prince at first; but by the time purple rain came out you couldn’t ignore the fact that he was a talent above what was usually out there. The fact that he could play so many types of music and instruments so great was just another surprise.
      There are few Multi-Musicians out there to start with and usually when they’re noticed they’re notice for only a Small percent of what they can do.
      Hendrix, Bolin, Prince are a few of those that were the top in their field.

  • Horse Latitudes on

    Great to see the love from all my heavy metal brothers & sisters for Prince. No matter what Dark Roots of Earth your spirit belongs to, there will always be a handful of songs from this entertainer that will kick your ass every time! For me it will always be the 12 minute version of “a love bizarre” he did with Sheila E. Hey remember that tour he opened for the Stones?
    Still love the cover of “the r-tist 4-merly known as dangerous toys” CD.

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