More tragic music news in what has been a brutal 2016 with the shocking news Prince has passed away. Regardless of what music you are into it would be pretty hard to deny the incredible talent of this artist. As a performer, writer, producer, musician, he was simply one of the best. There were things about some of his music I really liked. Super underrated guitar player and he bridged so many genres. Just take a look at the many rock artists who were fans and the reactions on social media. His influence was massive and his output was incredible. I always wished he would have made a straight up rock record. Some of his songs had elements of rock just screaming to get out to me. Like I said, he walked many lines. And who knows, maybe he did make a rock record and it never came out? I can’t imagine what’s in his archives and hopefully we will find out soon. Another sad day for music fans. RIP Prince.

Just found out the Chiller show is this weekend in NJ at the Parsippany Sheraton. I’m going to have a spot in the music room selling and signing my books and maybe a shirt or two. Right now I plan on being there tomorrow (Friday) 5P-around 10P. I am not sure if I will make it yet Saturday or Sunday. Please keep an eye on my Twitter @EddieTrunk for changes, additions and updates. Thanks.

New podcast up now with Ace Frehley. Plus I talk Axl/AC/DC and more. Free on www.podcastone.com or Itunes now worldwide!

Thanks for dealing with the growing pains of the new site. Kinks getting all worked out and it will get better and smoother going forward. I also will start including FM playlists again soon in that section.

New appearances just added include Vegas Rocks Awards 5/15 and hosting Jason Bonham at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood FL 6/8. At Vegas Rock I’ll be presenting an award to Angel, appearing together for the first time in decades! I want to thank the guys for bringing me out to do this. An honor and can’t wait to see them all. By the way, if an Angel fan the coming Punky solo album is really good!

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  • Greg in H2Otown on

    I’m sorry guys, but to even mention Kanye West in the same post as an artist as brilliant as Prince is beyond disgraceful. I know it was meant as an example but (excuse my french) but that motherf–ker only deserves to rot in hell. He’s a joke of an of an (I can’t even say the word artist and Kanye in the same sentence). I’m sure he botched any real song he would even attempt to do. Because he’s not a musician. He’s a farce, plain and simple. Ok I’m done, I just hope that’s the last I hear of ‘him’ on an Eddie Trunk post.

  • James K. on

    Anyone around my age knows how huge Prince was. You couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing his songs or turn on MTV without seeing his videos. When the PURPLE RAIN movie came out, that was all I heard kids sitting in class in my high school talk about. He was an incredible guitarist and a lot of people didn’t recognize that. Listen to the song Let’s Go Crazy. The end of that features Prince ripping a great solo. I agree with what Eddie said about how it’d be cool if Prince had put out a rock record. I believe that someone who plays guitar as well as Prince did would at one point want to cut loose from pop music and let that guitar rip. It’s sad he died. Too many rock stars are retiring or passing away these days.

  • robert davenport on

    just watched the very moving and funny tribute SNL did for prince , he will be missed

  • Michael B on

    This year has just been brutal. Many condolences to those who Prince knew personally, and such a huge loss, even if he wasn’t as prolific in later years.

    Prince was a hugely underrated guitarist, I really wish he would have spent more time showing his rock roots in his writing, nothing against R&B.

    Another massive musical icon gone way too soon.

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