Took a ride out to Jim Thorpe PA last night. My first time at the venue Penns Peak. Heard it was a great spot and it is. So glad I got to see UFO and Saxon on a big stage, with lights and big PA. It was GREAT! Sold out crowd and I thank you guys for all the amazing support. Got to intro the band at all the shows. I also want to thanks to crews of UFO and Saxon for being so cool and hospitable! This tour did extremely well for both bands (shout out to opener Jared James Nichols who was also killer), and I would not be surprised if this bill isn’t back in the US for more soon. Lets hope!

Headed to Toronto tomorrow right after my live show on SiriusXM. TrunkNation Canadian Invasion! This Tuesday legendary producer Bob Ezrin is my guest, Wednesday the much talk about Triumph reunion show! These shows live from Toronto will air as all my shows do, LIVE 2-4P ET on channel 106 Volume, replay 9-11P ET, then On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Then in a week or so on my podcast. This is really my first trip to Toronto since I was a little kid. Should be fun! This Thursday Saigon Kick joins me in studio back in NYC, then I host them that night at Webster Hall.

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  • CowCrusher on

    Thanks for making it out and doing the well deserved introduction for this amazing band. Of course Saxon, Jared and his band did an excellent job as well. I met so many people at the show, and many traveled long distances to see Phil and the boys. One guy said he drove in from Virginia Beach while others drove in from Syracuse, Rochester and other far flung locations. Rob and Vinnie had some pretty big shoes to fill and fill them well they did. I especially liked Vinnie’s own “flair” on the solos and Rob’s energetic bass work on classics like “Let it Roll”. This morning I ran into a good number f people from all age groups who were really unfamiliar with UFO but were glad that they made the trip. Somebody asked me which album they should get first… Of course I said: “All of them!! 🙂 Yes, I agree, “Strangers in the Night” is the best way to introduce the band to the newbies out there but obviously people are clamoring to hear an awesome band that unfortunately never broke back in the 70’s, but more and more people appear to be wanting to call this band their very own. So the touring is paying off and so are the sold out shows. Thank you for your hard work and effort in getting the word out about UFO and as you say, music is a business, so let’s hope the “business” stays all well and good for all.

  • gregg forbes on

    B b kings is a dump,sound sucked, it was a basement,charged me 100 bucks for a basement,again sound was brutal/flat

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