So with a new season of TMS upon us I get a TON of questions and comments and just not enough time to respond to every single one. And then if I do and it’s brief people think I’m rude. Some times you can not win LOL. Many times it is the same questions over and over, or guest requests when people just don’t get the process. I thank you all for watching and your support. So once again here are answers to frequently asked questions, hope this helps:


Why is the show shot in LA?


That is where 95% of the music world lives, easier to get guests.


Why doesn’t the show go on the road?


Costs money we don’t have. The show is on VH1 CLASSIC, not VH1. HUGE difference in budgets!


Why are there no band performances?


See above. Music costs money.


Why isn’t this band on TMS?


Probably the most non stop thing I see on this site and the comments area and on Twitter is on guests and guest requests. I appreciate the passion but so many have no clue of the process, that VH1 has ultimate say, and that the show is mostly a classic based program, although we certainly mix in newer bands when we can. What blows my mind is when people write to say “have Eddie Van Halen on”. You think it’s that easy? You think we haven’t tried EVERY season! Some guys are just reclusive and will not do interviews, especially on a show that REALLY knows their history. Most would rather go somewhere to plug something quick from a host or news anchor that only knows whats on the latest bio sheet. We ask EVH EVERY season, as do we ask EVERY major artist that has not been on. They have to want to do the show! You guys bug them for us if you want. Another obstacle; bands tour! We shoot 8 shows in 4 days coming up. Bands are on tour more than ever. They aren’t going to cancel dates to do a TV show. Also an amazing amount of requests for bands that have been on. I generally don’t acknowledge guest requests because it’s so endless and crazy and I do NOT 100% control it, although I have a say. I appreciate all the passion and we have had a TON of major guests on, but it’s not as easy as saying; “have _____ on”.


Why are some guests repeated?


Name a talk show on radio or TV that doesn’t welcome guests back on? Especially one that has as few new shows a year as us. By the way, the new season is over 50% first time guests.


Why don’t you do more new shows than 8?


I’d do it every day! The network has the budgets. All comes down to $$$.


Why isn’t VH1 Classic in HD?


I wish it was! Can not answer that. Up to the network.


Will the show come out on DVD?


Again, VH1 owns the show, up to them, but there are some talks now.


Why isn’t the show available online or seen in my country?


Wish it was EVERYWHERE. Have no control over distribution, all up to where VH1 has deals and internet laws.


How can I be in the audience?


Our audience space is very limited. Tickets are handled by a casting agency. I have nothing to do with it and no knowledge of how it works. But hope to see you if you got in.


I’m sure I missed stuff but that’s it for now and hope that answers some questions. Appreciate all the support and thanks for watching. Season 12 premieres June 1st on VH1 Classic. Spread the word, your support keeps this alive!

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  • Beth Milligan on

    Asking about 2011 Sonisphere. Will they ever release it for purchase? What VH1 shows is just a tease.

  • kliff on

    really should rename the show to ‘That Rock Show’. It’s okay. We’ll still watch. it’s not just metal and hard rock. the more diverse, the better, anyway. Heart isn’t Hard Rock. maybe a few songs but overall they aren’t and that’s fine. BTW, GET JOAN JETT ON THE SHOW!

  • Joe Marmo on

    Thanks for addressing these questions Eddie.

  • George on

    It’s a shame that vh1 all ready put out metal evolution on DVD but that metal show isn’t even out yet come on 12 seasons 8 episodes per season you could have a 12 disc box set how expansive could it be. But would love to see a segment on classic vinyl LP Records I have over 300 of them 18 Rolling Stones, 10 moody blues, 9 Led Zepplin, every 70’s & 80’s van halen album, helix, Ratt, 7 or 8 Jefferson airplane starship, hurricane Alice, Judi’s priest, 7 journey albums, 5 kiss, Aerosmith and to much more to list. But would be cool to showcase people’s classic rock & heavy metal viynl LP albums on that metal show

    • Eddie on

      VH1 doesn’t own Metal Evolution, that’s the difference

  • Beth Milligan on

    Well I’ve got my That Metal Show t-shirt so now I’m ready for the new season. I know you do the best you can and how you feel toward the artists always shows. You can tell their affection for you is no act. You and the others give them the respect we would do if we could, if we were there in person; you do it for us as well as yourself. I don’t know if you can, but tell me how old your very cute children are now. We are in our fifties and have our one ten year old. He loves to play keyboard and is teaching himself guitar. He watches your show with me and says to say hello to you.

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