Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m back home in NJ after a real busy run of stuff in Vegas and LA. Shot some stuff for a new TV gig in LA. Details will be announced soon via the network but it was fun to do for sure. Please note none of the TV stuff I am doing has anything to do with TMS or that show coming back. We are still very much looking for a new network, but it takes time and is not as quick and easy as we wish. Thanks.

New podcast up now at www.podcastone.com and Itunes. This week it’s my GnR weekend recap and more. Just grab it free. Search for The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

Tons of new music I just was sent. Metallica remasters, Cheap Trick, THC, Zakk Wylde, Priest live, DGeneration and more!

Some new live shows for me, Don & Jim together just confirmed for 7/14 Vamp’d Vegas, 7/15 The Whiskey LA, 7/16 M15 Corona CA. Will be on the home page with ticket links soon.

I’ll be live on SiriusXM Monday 6-10P ET/ 3-7 PT on channel 39 (Hair Nation). Guests will include Rudy Schenker of Scorpions and Bret Michaels. Bret will be calling in to announce with me a very special event in Southern CA. Don’t miss this exclusive announcement at around 7P ET during my show!

Welcome to The Rebel in Syracuse NY my newest affiliate for my FM show Eddie Trunk Rocks. They now air my show every Saturday night 9-Midnight. See Live & On The Air tab for all of my great stations and listen to them or their streams. Thanks to ALL affiliates that bring you my show and welcome 105.9 The Rebel!

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  • shannon mehaffey on

    Can I just go on record here, and say what a complete prick Axl Rose is? This guy completely screwed Slash and Duff…again! What a complete a-hole, to get these guys jacked up for a big G’n R reunion, only to pull the proverbial rug out from under it by going on tour with Angus! This completely splits the focus of the the monumental event that was supposed to occur, but now, won’t, because everyone is going to be glued to their seats waiting to hear Axl’s take on “Highway to Hell.” Waiting to see Angus duck walk in front of Axl and Axl’s bandanna, because, gosh darn it, this is historical.

    Well, no it’s not because every musical event in the last 15 years has been nothing but one of those dramatic recreations of the real thing, which I was lucky enough to witness first hand.

    This thing with Axl, I am inferring, has been in the works for months, and this whole hearing issue with Brian Johnson is a red herring…just sayin’..

  • Scott Greenberg on

    It’s 4/17 and I’m not seeing Eddie’s latest podcast on iTunes. Is anyone else able to download/access it?

    • Eddie on

      It’s there! GnR Recap. Thanks

  • DR Is Live on

    So I’m hearing Hair Nation Festival and more importantly I’m hearing Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis are together on the bill. Tell me that’s true?!

  • Bryan Kirby on

    Sorry, Ed. Blabbermouth stole your thunder by about 5hrs.

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